Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shey Jones Yembe: The Pearl Paul Biya Has in Donga Mantung

 By FC Ndi
Shey Jones Yembe
Shey Jones Yembe is a Member of the Central Committee of the CPDM and head of the Central Committee delegation for Nkambe Central Sub Division to oversee celebrations marking President Biya's 30 years in power. As a matter of fact, he is a devoted militant whose continues preaching about the goodies of the CPDM and its chairman Paul Biya has changed the political landscape in Nkambe Central Sub Division. While there are CPDM militants who are SDF lackeys at night, Shey Jones Yembe is CPDM for 24 hours on 24, 7 days of the week and 12 months in the year. This commitment to President Biya and the CPDM is not mere fanatism. Shey Jones like many other supporters of the CPDM in Mbumland and in Donga Mantung Division know that the development of Donga Mantung Division can only come through President Biya and not through people who punch the air with their fists crying power that can never provide potable water to a community not to talk of roads, schools, and or hospitals.
While many CPDM militants only pay lip service to the ruling party and its national chairman President Paul Biya, Shey Jones translates his, into actions. The best way to prove that he loves the CPDM is not only to work towards victory for the ruling party and chairman, but also to do good things so as to convince more militants to join him in the winning side. Reasons why he has worked hard to improve on the image of the CPDM during the past years in Mbum land. What is interesting about Nkambe Central is the fact that there are many people with different political views, yet, Shey Jones has stood the taste of time as the most convincing politician in Mbum land. Ever since he entered into active politics, he had never told a lie. In fact he is widely appreciated as a rare specie of politician that is very hard to come-by nowadays. However, as local elections are approaching, there is no doubt that the CPDM will carry the day. In the last elections, CPDM results created panic and sensation in the other side. Just because all this while he has made the people to identify one goal in politics which is development. Even though some people may sympathize with the opposition but they know the opposition has nothing to offer. During the last Presidential elections, Shey Jones advised his people to invest in the future reasons why Nkambe Central came up with the highest votes count in the Division and even the region. He explained that the future is found in the CPDM and Paul Biya. Far from insulting the opposition, Shey Jones used a very polite language and down to earth illustrations to convince people to vote for the candidate of the CPDM in the last Presidential elections. From Nkambe to Binka down to Tabenken, up to Wat and Mbot, Shey Jones has always transformed his words into actions. If you have never met a convincing politician, met him in the field and you will agree with me that he has the God given charm that attracts people.
Shey Jones and the November 6 Fanfare in Nkambe
Since it has been proven that the greatness of an event is quite often determined by the person or persons who organize it, November 6, 2012 celebration in Nkambe is expected to be a “jamais –vu”, thanks to Shey Jones Yembe.  This is because he has made the CPDM a religion in Nkambe. There is going to be rapture at the  Fon Japbfu Ibrahim Nfor’s Grandstand because the entire Nkambe Central Sub Division will come out to commemorate President Biya's 30 years in power. This is so because as a man, Shey Jones Yembe is soft spoken, respectful, honest and friendly. Nkambe people have decided to rally behind him not only because they know his development prowess, but because they cherish him as a person. When Shey Jones was Secretary of State for Public works and later Planning and Regional Development, he made the Mbum man proud. Even as the CEO of Societe Mag or at Matgiene where he was Board chair before his recent appointment as Board Chairman of Douala Port Authority, he remains a down to earth person. It is easy to think that Shey Jones is fanatical or wants to seek personal aggrandizement. No! Far from it, as an individual he is economically filled. But unfortunately, his people still need good roads, health centers, good infrastructures, schools etc etc. Shey Jones Yembe believes firmly like Nkwame Nkruma that we should first seek the political kingdom and everything else would come.
The SDF is a party that is deeply rooted in the Northwest and one of those areas was Nkambe. Gradually, they are changing to the CPDM and gradually Shey Jones Yembe’s message has broken the barrier. Like someone once said, a vote for the CPDM in the Northwest Region is worth a thousand votes down the center region, Shey Jones knows that real change is coming and the moment has come for him to celebrate that transformation. Politics is a game of interest, “you scratch my back, I scratch your back, because politics na njangi” says Rt. Hon. Achidi Achu former Prime Minister. This statement of Rt. Hon. Achidi Achu is so realistic that nobody in his right senses can discard it. When the SDF was launched in 1990 nobody saw this definition and its relevance. Today, the scales have fallen off the eyes of many Northwesteners. Shey Jones is one of those realistic individuals and a permanent pillar on which President Paul Biya can lean on in the North West Region.

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jerry said...

The eye you have said it all. In fact as you have rightly said he is a down to earth person with all qualities and reasons why youths like us rely on his ideas and advice to enhance on our political carriers. In fact he has a good repute among nearly everyone within the Nkambe central sub division.