Wednesday, March 12, 2014

58 Years Old Man Takes Away His Own Life by Hanging

By Tamngwa Marcel
The population of Mbipgo village in Ndu sub Division is contemplating on what might have happened that a man of 58 years old had to commit a sacrilege in their village. It was on March 9, 2013 that the entire village was grounded as a man whose name we got as Njeba Genesis took away his own life. Njeba Genesis whom many a villager described as calm and lover of children was on that faithful day spotted entering into an abandoned building. Children who spotted him had no idea of his plan. Yet the children had noticed that for once, Njeba Genesis hadn’t responded to their greetings. When the brother was alerted, he rushed to the abandoned building, forced the door and what he saw was an unbelievable scene. The man had committed suicide by hanging. The brother immediately cut the robe with the hope of rescuing the brother who had hanged just few minutes later, but his action was late to bring back the 58 years old man. Those who watched this unfortunate happening are still wondering what might have pushed Njeba Genesis to take away his own life his wife and family in pains and disgrace. A school of thought holds that the old man a result of his early commitments. This is so because family sources say he had no misunderstanding with any of his family members. As to what must have annoyed him to commit such an act remains a mystery. However, at atmosphere of frustration looms large in Mbipgo village as the services of a traditional doctor were needed for the corpse to be buried. It should be noted that in the tradition of the (Wi)Mbum people, such corpses must be buried far off from the residential area and it was not different in this situation. 

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