Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Extraordinary Woman: Mary Awudu; The Symbol of Hard Work

By FC Junior
 Mary Awudu
Mary Awudu is a woman whose talent and ingenuity have been likened to those of Hilary Clinton. The “Manju” of Mbum land is a woman whose life successes continue to spur young girls in Mbum land. She is a successful politician, a climate change campaigner and a successful business woman. Her rise to fame in the field of politics can easily be justified by the statement that life is a journey. In fact, John Bungam’s pilgrim progress is a classical expression of this truth that clearly portrays her as a political genius. Ma Mary as she is often referred to by youths, elders and other women to start with, she is a multi talented woman and describing her as an intellect is to use one of the weakest dictions to illustrate a genius. She is well-groomed and has the meticulous brain weave that is unbreakable.  Anyone who comes across her for the first time is attracted by her cultured manners which have made her a career politician and quite often she is referred to as the Campaign Manager. Meet her in one of her political trips in the field and you will confirm that she is woman with conscience and character. Or meet her talking to women on the phenomenon of climate change and you will be thrilled by her aptness in the domain.
She is always exceptional everywhere she goes. She started her political progress in the Social Democratic Front-SDF party where she is training and education secretary. Pregnant with political maturity and strategies, her desire to express her political ideas freely and pragmatically makes her an extraordinary women loaded with expedients.
Ma Mary entered into records when she empowered the buyam sellam women in Nkambe and later set up a micro-scheme for them. Every year, she would move from one village to another distributing improved seeds to farmers. She distributes women rappers to the rural women every year during women day, and had donated to many women groups like the Manjuhs of Nkambe where she donated a grinding mill, Njap where sh sponsored football tournaments, Wat, Tabenken, Ngie and others where she ignited the construction of market shed for women to sell beans and plantains etc..
If we go by the wise saying that behind every strong man is a powerful woman, Ma Mary is just the fittest in that saying because she plays her role well in society. She is known and appreciated by people. It is that mastery in grassroot politics and doing little things that matter in a common way that has raised her to be cherished by all and sundry in Mbum land.. To understand that she has the God given magnet that attracts people and that she is a career politician, meet her in the field and you would agree with me that she is a celebrity.
While she has been transforming lives through the little things she does, and doing the same like Mother Teresa, Ma Mary is also an advocate against female genital mutilation. She has always been apt to stand up against people in society that keep others in abject poverty for the sake of a few who have wealth and power. To her, the door of success only opens those who value hard work. Of late she moved to the tree tops to condemned ritual killing in Cameroon. Visit her home early in the morning and you will not meet less than 50 people who have come to say “hi”. This retired civil servant is a mother of all. A woman whose achievements should be celebrated as millions celebrate the work of the women with extraordinary abilities on March 8, 2014.

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