Saturday, March 29, 2014


By Wamey Panky.
            Barons of the Bui V Section of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement (CPDM) party, Noni, in the North West Region have like lizards praised themselves for lobbying and grabbing more than half a billion for 2014 Public Investment Budget (PIB) in Noni. This was during the 29th anniversary of the CPDM party celebrated at the Nkor Community Hall in the watchful eyes of the Divisional Officer for Noni, Divine Ngome Nkwele.
            In his speech, the Section President Nform Alfred Nforgwei Mbeng said, in the history of Noni Sub-Division, they had never had such a weightier size of the national cake. He continued that those were some of the fruits of CPDM’s five years at the helm of the Council. He exposed that the envelop from PIB shall sponsor projects ranging from furnishing classrooms to electrification of the Sub-Division. It was cited that the electrification which had been welcome with a lot of excitement and fanfare by the people, carries FCFA 90million spread over a period of three years; meanwhile FCFA 25million would be coughed out for the first phase to start this year. The villages to be electrified are: Din, Nkor, Lassin and Mbinon. He disclosed that the electrification of Djottin which is to begin soon would be funded by the PNDP programme. The Section President named their several achievements and others yet to accomplish such as the irrigation project at Mii and the Nkor town green.
            Nevertheless, Alfred Nforgwei greatly regretted that despite their efforts to develop the area severally, they preferred the Social Democratic Front, S.D.F, party at the September 2013 Municipal poll thus causing them to lose the council they only controlled for one term. He blamed their victory on “cheating in some quarters” and on their own militants who mortgaged their votes to the opposition. He said that was politically sacrilegious. This not withstanding, he said they were not to vindicate such militants but to call on them to remorsefully retrieve those votes and make-up by canvassing for more. He consoled militants that five years were not too long and so they should get to the field.
            Corroborating his President, the Section President of the YCPDM, Nilian Kibuh blamed militants for lack of love and truthfulness. He frowned at those militants of the CPDM party who surrendered their votes to the opposition SDF party to force the CPDM shamefully hand-over the Council to them. Mr. Nilian Kibuh also faulted the defeat on the in-house fighting within the party, and prayed on party hierarchy in the Bui V Section to always consider other villages and the roles play by other personalities within the party. He still assured the Noni youths that their future lie in the hands of the CPDM ruling party.
            On her part, the Principal of GHS Nkor, Marceline Mbinglo, herself the Secretary in-charge of  Lower Organs in the Bui I Section, Kumbo told militants all was not yet lost. He advised them to revise their political strategies. She said they should remain friendly especially to those they consider militants of the opposition. Zooming at the failure registered during the municipal election, she blamed it on poor choices of candidates that rather infuriated their own militants who then preferred dashing their votes but to the opposition. Mrs. Mbinglo advised that it was time they combed the area for more militants.
            The Divisional Officer for Noni, Divine Ngome Nkwele lambasted the Noni CPDM bigwigs for egoism and unnecessary in-house fighting that marred their victory at the last elections. He observed that some of their militants were angry with uncompromising choices of candidates and decided to sanction the party with their votes. He then prayed them not to seek for punishment on such militants but should endeavour solemn reconciliation. “A house divided against itself cannever stand.” The D.O concluded.
            Earlier on, on behalf of the Fons of Nkor, HRH the Fon of Mben Palace emphasized that politics was development. He pleaded mutual coexistence among the parties in Noni. He begged that they should build a common platform of collaboration with the SDF party that holds the Council for the sake of development.

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