Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Northern Region of Cameroon: 7 Killed in Boko Haram Attack

Fotokol, a locality in the Logon and Chari Division in the Northern Region was transformed last Sunday into a battle field between members of the boko haram sect and elements of the 34th motorized infantry battalion. Eyewitness accounts that some thirty heavily armed assailants belonging to boko haram infiltrated into their village. Sensing danger, the villagers informed the 34th motorized infantry battalion at Fotokol as well as  elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion-BIR who surrounded the hiding commandos of the boko haram sect. Boko haram insurgents opened fire and the BIR responded fearlessly killing some six insurgents. 

The results of this exchange of gunfire that lasted a few hours was heavy and according reports the damages are enormous. Reports say six attackers of the sect were killed by the brilliant elements of Rapid Intervention Battalion and on the Cameroonian side, a soldier of the 34th motorized infantry battalion was also killed.
It is said that many soldiers as well as boko haram members were also injured. It has been observed that members of the sect boko haram easily cross the border in motorcycles to Fotokol, kill and return back to Nigeria. Located just meters from Nigeria , Fotokol provides refuge not only to members of boko haram chased by the Nigerian army , but also Nigerians who fled the attacks of boko haram in their country.

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