Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Eye Newspaper is Finalist of 2014 Bloggies Awards

The unexpected but not hidden breaking news is that The Eye Newspaper has been voted
as one of the five finalists for the Best African Weblog in this year’s 14th Annual Weblog Awards. In fact it is with joy and ecstasy that we are breaking the news. That The Eye Newspaper is finalists in outstanding GLOBAL contest is indicative that little drops of water can make an ocean. When we got the breaking news yesterday, emotions were high that The Eye Newspaper could emerge among the Best Five African Weblog of the year. This is so due to the fact that this weblog which started just two years back is already attracting global admiration and recognition. The success story is not only ours at the level of The Eye newspaper. It is thanks to you out there who nominated us, who voted us and who will still vote us to emerge victorious. And it is thanks to you all who have been visiting our weblog on daily basis and making critical contributions. You have made us proud and we are proud of you as well.
This is not only a locomotive to the little we have been doing for the past two years to inform the world on happenings but a  steam which indicates that there are people out there who have been watching us on the web. The stumbling block as you all know is that access to internet is not a given in Cameroon. We had to sacrifice our little earnings to keep our readers connected.  As voting continues, we look forth to your support and votes which could make us emerge winner.

However, it should be noted that winners will be announced on Monday, March 31 from 8:00-10:30 pm EST (UTC-5) on the bloggies’ Twitter feed and Facebook Page. For more information go to the Bloggies Website: http://2014.bloggi.es

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