Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Gwe Philip, Fonfuka Mayor Who Talks Development But Doesn’t

By Axcel Folian 
Gwe Philip: Fonfuka mayor
The word development they say is the easiest way to fame even though it is complex. Many a politician have used this word to grab votes and later sink into the debris. In fact, development makes strange postmasters. The mayor of Fonfuka council in Boyo Division of the North West Region is a lousy development luminary in words rather than in actions. Last month, North West Governor, Adolph Lele Lafrique was in his municipality to wrap up his socio economy tour. But a critical examination of what Gwe Philip has done in terms of fostering development left observers with so many rhetorical questions. What really caught our attention was the fact that Gwe Philip could not take North West Governor and his entourage to visit some of his projects. Implicitly, he has done nothing. The lone project was the grandstand which he rehabilitated and the council chamber which was constructed by his predecessor. It is for this reason that the Governor and entourage had no other option but to visit GTC Fonfuka, GHS Fonfuka and the council hall. He on the contrary presented a basketful of problems to government without saying what he has been able to do. Notwithstanding, NW Governor expressed his disappointment by calling on traditional rulers and elite(s) to get involve in farming so that when he comes next, he could visit some of their projects. Gwe Philip, aware that he has done nothing used the visit to exhume the land dispute between Misaje council area and his. He is more into controversies than development actions. He even questioned how President Biya had the audacity to revoke the Presidential decree he signed in 1992 recognizing Kichiako (the disputed piece of land) as part of Fonfuka council. What a mayor? This has become a call for concern given that when the SDOs of Boyo and Donga Mantung visited the disputed area, they were threatened by irate Fonfuka youths carryout arms.
 One of the major problems faced by elected officials is to perform the feat they preached to have votes. Seemingly, Gwe Philip has dragged Bum CPDM into a strange political phase where the incumbent, knowing that he has achieved a lot gave him the opportunity to pick the mayoral crown from the gutter and is robbing it with mud. In the past opponents in order to lure voters who lack critical intelligence now they have been given the assets. Never have we experienced this flagrant abuse of power by an elected mayor! It is simply unacceptable and un-mayoral. It is predictable for an imminent crash of the CPDM if elections were called up now. This is so because of the fact that the Mayor’ ethical sense of right and wrong has been crushed by the overzealous drive of his aim. Could we say the mayor is preparing to stage a spectacular comeback by marching words with actions? This is a situation that puts his political office into question like those of cockroaches that prefer to hide under piles of rubbish. Certainly, this is not a mistake that could be blamed on lack of knowledge.
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