Sunday, March 1, 2015

NW Governor Warns Bum Elite(s) on Looming Anti-terrorism Law

Governor Lele Lafrique Aldolph has warned that those elite(s) who have been promoting intertribal conflicts and at the same time emphases that some of them may face the rage of the anti-terrorism law. North West Governor made the statement at the Fonfuka Grandstand on February 24, 2015 while on a socio economic tour of Bum Sub Division. Hear him “I am coming soon for that conflict between Boyo and Donga Mantung but what I will like you to know right now is that Cameroon is a state of law and when you have a problem take it to the administration to help you solve it. Last time the SDOs of Donga Mantung and Boyo went to the disputed piece of land and they were threatened by gunmen. This is unacceptable in a state of law. I will like to tell those elite(s) who perpetrated it not to do it again because if I will react, i will be disastrous. And I am saying straight in front of the traditional rulers and they should protect the population and mislead them because those guns in your keeping cannot kill even a hen”. Governor Lele Lafrique expressed disatisfaction on the issue and warned that anyone who violates state institution by intimidating others with guns will face the anti-terrorism law. 
He warned that Northwest has ready witnessed enough catastrophes and it is would be inacceptable for people to ignite another one in the name of land dispute “because nobody here was delivered with a piece of land”. He challenged everyone at the grandstand who could show him “grave of the father of the father of the father of his/her grandfather”. Nobody he said is able to show given that “we are coming from elsewhere to settle here and Bum people from where I know and I was SDO there. And in 200 years we don’t know where we will be. So the land belongs to the state and to God”. He reiterated that those who are keeping guns are doing so at their own risk and he promised that any obnoxious act with guns will lead to massive search and anyone caught with a gun will be judged and persecuted. “So, be aware that the National Assembly has voted a law to fight against terrorism”. He reminded the people on information management quoting an instance whereby armed robbers attacked was trumpeted as Boko Haram attacking Boyo Division. He called on the population to increase vigilance and report any suspect to the administration and or traditional rulers.
It should be noted that the Governor was reacting to a speech made by the Mayor of Fonfuka, who challenged Misaje people to show a land title over the disputed piece of land (which Bum calls Kichiako and Misaje calls it Chiako). 

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