Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Donga Mantung: CNYC, US Peace Corps Empower Youths in Business Management

 The training program code named “Nkambe Business Management Class-NBUMAC” kick-started on April 3, 2015 with over 50 participants on the starting block. For close to six weeks, emerging business young men and women will receive lessons in various business concepts to enable them emerge before 2035.  
According to the Divisional President of the Cameroon Youth Council (CNYC) for Donga Mantung, Abanda Marcel, the main objective of the training is to introduce and teach business concepts to youths undertaking income generating activities. Abanda Marcel also emphasized that after the training, participants will be able to develop a plan to increase income as well as create a permanent bond for the sharing of knowledge, ideas and experiences. During this training period, US Peace Corps Volunteer Gregory Screws has been dishing out lessons on topics like feasibility studies, action plans, Accounting-cash book, Inventory-stock taking, budgeting, marketing strategies, business plans and scores of others.
Expectations are high at that at the end of the training exercise, participants will engage in unprecedented that will boost their skills in business as well as give them the abilities to add value to what they have been doing or intent to. This training program is however the first of its kind in the Division given that in the past, youths engage into businesses with little or no knowledge leaving everything to chance. The partnership, CNYC and the US Peace Corps has been described by the administration of Donga Mantung as fruitful given their impact in changing lives in communities. It should be recalled that some years ago, the US Peace Corps donated trashcans for the collection of household waste in Nkambe town. 
Gregory Screws dishing lessons 
CNYC Div. President Abanda Marcel facilitating

Assistant DO for Nkambe addressing participants

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