Monday, April 20, 2015

Suspension of ELECAM Divisional Heads: Mighty Storm Gathers to Sweep Fonkam Azu'u

By FC Ndi

Samuel Fonkam Azu'u                 Sani Tanimou
An atmosphere of uncertainty looms at Elections Cameroon-ELECAM as the brouhaha between the Chairman of ELECAM and Director of Elections has reached its crescendo.  The Eye gathered that matters came to a head last week following the suspension of some Elecam Divisional heads for attending a meeting organized by Dr. Fonkam Azu’u, chairman of ELECAM; a meeting, which according to the Director of Elections, Sani Tanimou was illegal. Classified sources linked to ELECAM hinted this reporter that all the ELECAM Divisional who attended the meeting were served an eight day suspension letter last week by the Director of Elections. More so, those who took pains to travel to South Africa for a training seminar have been drop from their positions, reasons being that they obtained the permission from the wrong authority. The Eye is aware that the Divisional head for Ngoketunjia has been transferred to the to the North West Elecam regional office on grounds that he attended the training seminar in South Africa. Elecam Council head for Santa is also said to have been demoted. It is alleged that all the Elecam Divisional heads in the North West and South West Regions were all slammed eight days suspension by Tanimou.
Even though the position of a director general of elections has sweeping administrative and financial powers Tanimou has engaged in a tug of war with Fonkam to establish that he is the man in charge. Even though the law stipulates that he operates under the authority of the board headed by a president to “ensure the smooth functioning of Elections Cameroon, the Director of Elections says Fonkam Azu’u has been interpreting only one part of the law.
Though Dr. Fonkam is a former law lecturer of great repute he is apparently hooked in the fight given that the staffs have respected the decision and sanctions from the Directorate of Elections.
There is no gainsaying the fact that Sani’s disrespect for the ELECAM electoral board and insubordination also greatly ridicules Dr. Fonkam Azu’u.
It is alleged that Tanimou has taken upon himself to obstruct the execution of an act duly taken by a superior authority. A case in point is the annual meeting with stake holders that has not hold for a long time now.  Public opinion holds that ELECAM Board members have not gone down to the field to evaluate registration process due to the leadership crisis rocking Elections Cameroon.  Besides, he (Tanimou) relies on the South solidarity given that he hails from the same region with the head of state. 
Some years back, Fonkam rightly said, that the crisis is not between him and Sani. It is a problem between the directorate general and the board caused by the law designed to brew such conflicts. A suivre

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