Monday, April 20, 2015

Youth Leader Calls for End of Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa

 By Fai Cassian N

The National Youth President of NUDP and activist has called on Cameroon government to look into the plight of Cameroonians living in South Africa. While expressing disgust on the xenophobic attacks on foreigners (mostly blacks) working in South Africa, Ndansi Elvis Nukam assured South African nationals living in Cameroon that they will never be attacked. He however emphasized that “ youths of Cameroon wish to inform the South African government that if the violence continues and many more Africans are killed, it will consider joining forces with other African youth movement to stage a boycott of South African business empires”.

Full text of the Press Statement below
 Yaounde-April 19, 2015
National Mobilisation Against Xenophobia in South Africa
Press Statement by Ndansi Elvis 

Ndansi Elvis in a briefing with the Press in Yde
Concerned Cameroonian Youth Leader/Activist Ladies and gentlemen of the Press.
Its my pleasure to have you here today at short notice for this very important press briefing on a call for national mobilization against xenophobia in South Africa. Two weeks ago, Africa and the entire world was shocked by a strange phenomenon that erupted in South Africa in the city of Durban, where in residents accusing immigrants of taking their jobs and committing crimes had to launch an attack on foreigners mostly black burning and looting shops owned by these foreigners. This violence led to the death of five persons amongst them a 14 year old boy. This violence has since then continued and as of yesterday the violence had extended to Johannesburg where in burning, looting of shops owned and molestation of immigrants continues.
Minute of Silence.
A word that was hidden in the dictionary of many has been introduced in the vocabulary of millions across the world-Xenophobia, meaning a Strong and unreasonable fear of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange. For many Africans, South Africa represents a land of opportunity and a heaven of tolerance, but a wave of violence has tarnished this image and sent foreigners fleeing for safety. This situation as of now is still very dangerous for foreigners in South Africa especially in its third largest city of Durban and recently Johannesburg. There are fears that these attacks will be extended to other parts of the Country. On Thursday, there was a big rally against xenophobia in Durban, and condemnation from President Jacob Zuma, called for peace and calm, yet the violence has not stopped, as many shops of foreigners have been set ablaze and many families of immigrants tortured. It is estimated that over 8500 foreigners have fled to refugee centers or police stations and are seeking refuge not including those who have moved in with friends or relatives or to cities not yet hit by xenophobia.
 As President Jacum Zuma said, “ No amount of frustration or anger can justify the attacks on foreign nationals and the looting of their shops.” Consequent to this, several African states have said they are prepared to help their nationals return home. Zimbabwe is helping its citizens returning home and it is estimated that about 1000 Zimbabwe nationals will be returning by next week. Malawi has asked for a boycott of South African Business empires. While other African countries have made strong statements condemning these acts and taking measures to assure the security of its nationals, Its is embarrassing that Cameroon has remained quiet up till now despite the fact that over 1000 of its nationals are immigrants in South Africa and are subject to these attacks. Our brothers and sister leaving in South Africa have been turning to our TV and radio channels to hear if they will get any message of hope and assurance of safety from their own government to no avail. I have received calls from many Cameroonian youths in Durban who say their life is not safe and that they cannot even get any message from the Cameroon embassy as to any orientation they can take for their safety. Some few weeks ago, we all came out as a united Cameroon to stage several street demonstrations to show our support to the Arm forces and to say no to Boko haram.
This is because our territory and citizens is under attack costing our country the lost of lives of our precious citizens. 
We all understand that the life of any single citizen of Cameroon is of great concern to the government, and that the country will always stand out at any time to protect the lives of its citizens no matter where they are found. Mindful of the fact that Cameroon is a peaceful country and a lover of foreigners Mindful of the fact that many of our African brothers and sisters are in south Africa and are victims of these attacks. Mindful of the fact that the youths of Cameroon are well cultured and responsible Mindful of the fact that as Africans we are one and should live in unity 
Mindful of the fact that Cameroon is a state of law and order, The youths of Cameroon say no to xenophobia in South Africa and any part of the world The youths of Cameroon calls for a national mobilization against xenophobia in South Africa and any part of the world.
The Youths of Cameroon Calls on the Cameroon Government to tell us what plans and measures it has taken to assure the safety of our brothers and sisters in South Africa.
 The Youths of Cameroon wish to inform all South African nationals in Cameroon that they will never face such attacks from any Cameroonian. The youths of Cameroon wish to inform the South African government that if this violence continues and many more Africans are killed, it will consider joining forces with other African youth movement to stage a boycott of South African business empires. Above all, we call on all Cameroonians living in South Africa to be vigilant and stay away from any form of crime and violence. Together, we remain Africans and this episode of disorder is not strong enough to dismantle the love and unity and aspiration that we share as Africans to become one. Thanks you very much dear journalists for coming and I do hope that you will communicate this briefing to the widest segment of the globe.
Thank you very much.

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