Thursday, May 21, 2015

BAPCCUL Creates The Unexpected in Donga Mantung Division at 2015 EAGM

The Bamenda Police Co-operative Credit Union-BAPCCUL, one of the leading micro finance affiliated to the CamCCUL network held its Education Annual General Meeting-AEGM in Nkambe and Ndu on Sunday May 17, and 18 respectively. The EAGM which took place at the CamCCUL Hall in Nkambe and BAPCCUL esplanade in Ndu on the theme: How to Make Life Better brought together over 1000 members from far and near. Members came from far off areas like Ako, Berabe, Lus, Mayo-Binka, Nwa and Sabongari to listen to BAPCCUL officials on the new loan policy and other innovative services. Addressing
members at Nkambe and Ndu respectively, BAPCCUL Board chairman expressed gratitude and thanks to the administration of Donga Mantung as well as members for taking time off their busy schedule to be part of the AEGM. Musa Shey Nfor told members and would-be members that BAPCCUL has initiated a new loan policy which will enable its affiliates to enjoy diversified advantages such as loan guarantee from friends or family members of different credit unions. He said this new approach is intended to improve on the level of loan consumption and recovery. Musa Shey Nfor took time to talk elaborately on the various services offered by BAPCCUL and the evulotion of the newly created BAPCCUL branches in Bamenda and Bafoussam. In Bamenda for example, he said that in the days ahead, Sunday services shall be put in place to enable members carry out savings after “njangi meetings”. In the Nkambe Branch, Musa Shey Nfor observed that membership increased from 1011 to 1284 representing 27%. He also revealed that 102 members have already registered at the Lus collection point and their savings stand at 2 million FCFA.

On his part the General Manager of BAPCCUL, Ngum Godlove expressed satisfaction at the level of involvement of members in sustaining their activities. He also disclosed that members in Nkambe mobilized over 700 million FCFA while those at Ndu were also able to save above 350 million FCFA. More than a billion FCFA was reported to have been mobilized in Donga Mantung Division. Some of the key speakers included Musa Elvis, BAPCCUL board member and a handful of others. During the EAGM, members also gave testimonies on how they have been able to improve their lives thanks to BAPCCUL. Besides, members also had the opportunity to express their worries to the officials. The Senior State Counsel for Donga Mantung also used the opportunity to caution members not to fall prey to 419ners. He advised them that if anyone come to them to borrow money, on grounds that he/she will pay 20% later, they should rather show them BAPCCUL where interest rate is at 1%. This he said will save them the headache of being scammed and or moving up and down to recover the money.The Fon of Nkambe, HRH Fon Ibrahim Jabfu Nfor testified tch was created in Nkambe, the number of storey buildings have increased. Fon Mbunwe of Mbot also told this reporter that BAPCCUL is the most reliable and that farming groups of Mbot have benefit alot from the loan scheme. The Fon of Wat, Lus were also part of the EAGM

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