Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Reorganization of CPDM: Abdou Borno Declares for Donga Mantung II Section President


 Following the announcement of the upcoming party reorganization by the CPDM central committee, I, Alhadji Abdou Kanfon Borno,after consultation with some party hierarchy and militants, have the honour to inform militants of the CPDM party Donga Mantung II Ndu that I will be heading a CPDM list for Ndu section . I sincerely need your approval and support. Our efforts on the field is yielding some fruits as can be seen in the results of the last twin elections of 2013 which I was the CPDM council list leader. 

I have the conviction that if the right people are elected at various organs and we continue to work together ,we shall certainly make it in 2018.while hoping that you will give me and the entire list which I am heading the required support, accept my sincere gratitude.

Alhadji Abdou Kanfon Borno

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