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Shufai Njilahngotong Quits Active Politics: Here are the Stakes

Shufai Njilahngotong

 Shufai Njilahngotong, formerly a frontline militant of the CPDM (Donga Mantung II Section Ndu) has decided to quit politics. He was an Executive member of the Section and had also played a very vital role for the growth of the party. The decision was made public by his son, Tata Kwawi Mbinglo. In the declaration he states that “In view to keep a lasting legacy and set an example for other traditional rulers in Cameroon to emulate, My Dad Shufai Njilahngotong, has officially announced his Decision to stay away from Frontline politics so as to objectively rule his people as a God chosen leader. This decision comes up at a time when many people expected otherwise”. Shufai Njilahngotong it should be noted hail from Fuh-Ndu. He is also the Divisional Delegate of Transport for Meme Division, in the South West Region.
Tongues are still waging in Ndu as to why he decided to quit politics. Many of his supporters who were expecting to see him as one of the contenders for the position of Section President are yet to recover from the shock. However, youths all over have described his quitting active politics as gentle move to stay away from partisan politics. Expressionists are of the opinion that his decision could be linked to the politics of hatred that is chopping and dividing elite(s) of Donga Mantung Division. The stakes are really very high as his quitting politics is likely to impact the party. This is so given that he was a political strategist and a master-planner in politics of proximity.

Who is Shufai Njilahngotong
Njila Isaiah Tata aka Shufai Njilangotong is a multifaceted. He is a traditionalist, a village head, writer-musician and astute administrator has always stood against political tension and intrigues taking the minds of some politicians and has quite often decried the politics of acrimony, blackmail and hatred that characterizes politics in Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region because some people have transformed the game of politics into a sinkhole for character assassination. Njila Isaiah Tata who by the Mbum tradition was enthroned village head for Fuh in Ndu as per costume and tradition had to be called Shufai Njilangotong. Besides, he was Donga Mantung Divisional Delegate for Secondary Education where he was admired for doing uncommon things in a very common way, and an educationist who has served as principal for over 16 years before being catapulted to the position of delegate. In 2008, Njila Isaiah Tata was distinguished by Donga Mantung Association of Journalists-DOMAJ as the All Best Principal again All Round Best Divisional Delegate by The Eye Newspaper in 2011 Achievement Award. He later moved to the Ministry of Transport, where he is presently Divisional Delegate for Transport in Meme Division of the South West Region.  When makes him different from others is that ever since he joined politics, his style was very singular from the usual politics of hatred, acrimony, bitterness and blackmail that has characterized Donga Mantung politicians.
He has been described as a man of additional qualities. Unlike others he always busy round the clock. As a seasoned administrator, he believes like Immanuel Kant that “the more we are busy, the more we feel we are alive and contributing for the welfare of others”. His enlightening background coupled with his dedication to be perfect has made her to transform the principle of edification for work into the principle of teaching through work. As a Christian Baptist Christian, Njila Isaiah believes like Martin Luther King that “working is praying”.

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