Monday, November 23, 2015

CPDM Reorganization in Balikumbat: Fuh Calistus Introduces Single Ballot

Balikumbat yesterday November 22, 2015 confirmed its leading position as bastion of the CPDM in the North West Region. This has been proven by the introduction of the single ballot paper at Balikumbat CPDM elections was indicative of the level of maturity of Balikumbat politics. Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, Divisional Coordinator of the reorganization process in Ngoketunjia has been applauded for that particular act by militants of the CPDM.

Though allegations were rife at that elections were rigged, classified sources say the single ballot paper prevented voters from taking back waste ballot to exchange for cash. Senator Dingha Ignatius crushed Wasum Augustine to retain the position of Section President for Ngoketunjia III. Madame Cecile, outgoing Section President decried that elections were defranchised to enable Dingha emerged. “Can you imagine my name did not feature on the electoral register”? She wondered aloud. Wasum Augustine’s supporters also decried that the level of intimidation was too high. “They affixed fake names to our names and this is how they succeeded in rigging the votes”, another loyalist to Wasum complained bitterly.
Though Dingha Ignatius got 2228 votes as against 1338 votes for the mayor Wasum, representing 62.5% against 37.5% the battle for the post of Section President was not that easy.
Dingha in one of his joking statements said he is Section President for life and that in the next elections; Wasum could only face one of his sons given that he (Dingha) has proven to be very tough for the later.

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