Wednesday, November 25, 2015

CPDM Reorganization: Outrage in Jakiri as Prof. Uphie Melo Declares Elections Results in Police Station

Militants of Bui IV Section of the CPDM, Jakiri have decried the high level rigging machinery at last Monday’s elections. Though Hon. Wirngo Buba was declared winner with (51.19%) over Gamsi, both candidates decried that the elections were massively rigged. Voters cards were gathered were being shared like bonbon while children below 15 years were also spotted casting votes.  
Matters came to a head when the Divisional Committee members headed by Prof. Uphie Melo Chinje transferred to the nearby police station to declare the election results. Some recalcitrant militants stormed the police station threatening to set it ablaze. Sensing the danger, Uphie Melo ordered her driver to take off her car. While some CPDM militants were chanting SDF slogans in disapproval and declaring the end of the CPDM in Jakiri, Madame Uphie seized the opportunity to declare election results after over 3 hours of waiting. Tongues are still waging in Jakiri to the fact that SDF militants infiltrated the CPDM party to support a weaker candidate. Yet Gamsi’s supporters had promised that CPDM a meager 2% at the 2018 local elections while Wirngo’s supporters say they will take over the Parliamentary seat and the council.From all indications, the reorganization process has put the CPDM in Jakiri in serious difficulties, It is even reported that in some localities, voters cards were seized from fraudsters who were paid. At one point, it was rumoured that poll agents were each promised 150.000 FCFA to rig elections. 
Apparently, the CPDM is suffering from the monster it has nursed over the years. 

Hon. Wirngo Buba


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