Sunday, November 22, 2015

How Councilor Musa Shey Nfor is Impacting Lives with Small Money, Big Change

The Small Money, Big Change initiated by Nkambe council is impacting lives in some constituencies. One of such communities where the project has impacted lives is Nwangri. Thanks to the Small Money, Big Change, Councilor Musa Shey Nfor has been able to construct two bridges and a (road) footpath to ensclave the village. Nchanji Evaristus, said that their councilor has revamped the old days community development spirit which was very instrumental in rural development. “We have two bridges and a road and I think this is laudable”, he said. Popular opinion in Nwangri village holds that the road linking Nchah and Bongenge quarter in Lower Nwangri is a great achievement. Besides, the bridge linking Upper Nwangri to Mbot has been giant step towards the emergence of Nwangri.
However, Musa Shey Nfor, the initiator of the projects says participatory development is what he intends to instill in the community through such projects. To Musa Shey Nfor, participatory development can extensively enhance the efficiency to reduce poverty.  He continued that when citizens develop a sense of ownership of development efforts as a consequence of their engagement in decision making about selecting and executing project activities, results are naturally enhanced and impact more sustainable. “Similarly, when relevant beneficiaries get involved in implementation, the outcomes are usually improved”. Worthy to note through this concept, capacities are built, social capital enhanced, and partnerships between council and villages is improved as people learn by working together in a supportive milieu.
Musa Shey Nfor described Small Money, Big Change as the additional effort geared towards addressing local economic, social, and governance problems that are very significant for each community.

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