Sunday, December 6, 2015

Latest Gossips from Cameroon: Court Spits on NOWEFU-Kaduna Mafia

Country people, happy Sunday to y’all. At last your writtam-pen is back with latest gossips after several months wallowing in the gutter like the North West Fons Union-NOWEFU. Have you heard that the Bamenda High Court has finally passed a ruling on the matter between the kingpins of the Kaduna mafia (HRH Fon Chafah and HRH Fon Teche)? Commentators say the court ruling has axed Fon Teche Njei’s ambitions to hijack and spin-doctor his stay at the helm of NOWEFU till 2018. Since your writtam-pen doesn’t comment on commentaries, it is highly believed HRH Senator Teche will organize an extraordinary General Assembly to adopt a new constitution for NOWEFU and then organize elective assembly to hand power. Remember NOWEFU constitution disappeared mysteriously at the Mezam SDO’s office. Now that the court has passed its verdict and charged the administration to make sure that the ruling is implemented, Fon Chafah camp has been showering itself praises for having won the court case.
 Donga Mantung Division which is expected to produce the next President of NOWEFU has been caught in a mad rush. With the union divided into factions, Fon Ibrahim Jabfu Nfor of Nkambe is popular candidate for the post of President. He has served the union in various capacities. He served as treasurer under Fon Anneng, and currently vice President under Teche. His candidature was recently endorsed by all the fons of Nwa, Ako, Misaje and Ndu.
NOWEFU has functioned under Fon Teche like an Island. The only legacy has been the prostitution of titles, gifts and the in-housing wrestling. NOWEFU has served as a beseeching tool to satisfy the ego of the few.
Last November 26, expectations were dampened in Nkambe. The Chief executive of the region we gathered slammed a ban on the elective general assembly that was billed for Nkambe when preparation had reached fever level. Losses incurred are estimated in tens of millions as the population had prepared to celebrate the election of the fon of Nkambe.  
 Did you listen to Popol wobbling in Paris? He said he has even created a climate change observatory. Popol is really smarter than a Smartphone. The man outsmarted Eyibos, and Baaam, just zeroed-in Vision 2035 in his speech. After Popol, only Hon. Mbaya can dance climate change in Camer here. Who doubt? I am sure that as Popol is back in Ngola, he will surely instruct Parliament to revisit the Private Members Bill on the protection of water catchements submitted by Awudu before creating the climate change observatory.  
Oh University of Bamenda. I told you sometimes ago that the HiTL saga must swallow somebody. Now Prof. Edukat will meet the 20 students he ejected from HiTL against the minister’s instruction in the quarters. Oh lala. (to be continued)  

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