Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ngebi Jones Tanko Wins Big to Emerge President of Nkambe Drivers Union, Ngregeh Emmanuel Bows Out

Ngebi Jones Tanko
 Ngebi Jones Tanko alias Senator is the new President of the Nkambe drivers union. Tanko crushed the incumbent Ngregeh Emmanuel and Christopher Vernyuy in a highly contested election to emerge winner. Ngebi Jones Tanko won by 49 votes beating the incumbent in his own game who managed a meager 16 votes and 14 for Christopher. Tanko who is also popularly known in Nkambe as master small and medium seize, declared his intention to take over the leadership just four months ago. The fact that he crushed Councilor Ngregeh Emmanuel is indicative of the fact that he (Tanko) is not a man to pigeon-hole with. It should be recalled that the out-gone President was hook-winked into politics which earned him the prestigious post of councilor at the Nkambe council. As to why and how he maintain his position is another story on it own. It is not yet clear whether Ngergeh Emmanuel was vomited due to his political leniency. This commentators say has emitted warning signals to those who have always seen that the easiest way to fame is to go political. The crash as observed is so violent that it could easily lead to high blood pressure. 
Ngebi Jones is expected to provide immediate solutions to the numerous problems at the Nkambe park especially the stupefied dusty as well as reinstate some order. Loaders and drivers have complained bitterly on the state of nature of the park. He is also looked upon as the panacea to the problems faced by retired drivers and loaders. It is however believed that the newly elected President will make sure that drivers and loaders are registered with the voluntary insurance scheme of the National Social Insurance Fund. More so, he is also expected to enroll union members into the mutual health scheme given that the Nkambe park generates alot of money but it ends in private pockets. The Eye is aware that park activities are very lucrative yet will not get into the nitty gritty of resources management.

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