Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Traditional Ruler Creates Own Church in Donga Mantung, Names it Lord Jesus Christ

HRH King Benchep Adamu Nfor
HRH King Benchep Adamu Nfor cum King of Binka village, in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region has created his own church. The church which he said has been named Lord Jesus Christ Church is the first of its kind in the North West Region of Cameroon to be created by a traditional. When quizzed by this reporter whether he will be able to manage church activities and at the same time pour libations, King Benchep said that henceforth all libations in his palace are poured in the name of Jesus Christ and not in the name of the ancestors as had been the case before now. Harping on why he decided to create his own church, the King of Binka village said that the reason for the creation of the Lord Jesus Christ Church is to blend Christianity with tradition. “I will be able to know which aspects of tradition are bad and which ones are good. It will enable us to do away with the obnoxious part of tradition and keep the good ones”, he emphasized.
Created some few months ago, members of the Lord Jesus Christ Church Binka, are mostly the wives of the fon, his children, family members and friend. The church is located in the palace. The Green House of the Binka palace as observed has been transformed into a church. While traditionalists have frowned at Fon Benchep Adamu’s decision to create a religious outfit within a traditional setup, popular opinion in Donga Mantung Division is upholding his intention as innovative given that of late there have been several clashes between tradition and some denominations. Those who cherish tradition and Christianity have seen the Lord Jesus Christ Church as a savior especially in Mbum land. Though the congregation is still small, sources linked to the Binka palace hinted this reporter that new members keep trooping in every Sunday.  
It should be noted that King Benchep is a trained journalist of the University of Buea.   

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