Thursday, June 23, 2016

Drama in Bamenda at Installation of CPDM Regional, Divisional Coordinators

CPDM Scribe and PM Yang embracing
 Jean Nkwete, CPDM Secretary General will never forget Bamenda. In fact those who took the pains to attend the official installation of Yang Philemon and his team went home more confused than when they were coming. This is so because some CPDM militants brandished  "red cards" in the hall to express their disgust to party hierarchy. The "red cards" which were allegedly prepared by some Mezam CPDM militants had diversified interpretations. To many, the red cards were being directed to party hierarchy for imposing coordinators on local party officials while another school of thought holds that they were the handiwork of recalcitrant militants. Though CPDM scribe was mute over the incident, a classified source hinted us that Jean Nkwete before leaving Bamenda ordered that the incident should be investigated properly and reported to him within two days.
PM Yang (Regional Coordinator/ Fon Aneng being installed
An atmosphere of uncertainty looms in the Mezam CPDM as heads are expected to role over the precarious incident that left many speechless. However, it is aired that CPDM section President held a secret meeting in Bafut long ago to designate their coordinator but their choice was rejected by party hierarchy. Besides another tip holds that militants of Mezam IB were also aghast at the that the Bamenda Congress hall was handed to the Divisional Coordination to manage and not the host section as it was the case before the appointment of Divisional coordinators. Moreso, tongues are still waging as to why John B Ndeh, the initiator of the Regional Coordination of the CPDM in North West was not even appointed as member if he could not be appointed coordinator. Yet Yaounde based CPDM barons say the red cards were on the contrary brandished to the national chairman of the party and not whosoever. One of them to spoke to us on grounds of animosity said that they will make sure that such recalcitrant moves are punished severely. 
However, SDF Coordinator for Donga Mantung in reaction to the installation of Shey Jones Yembe as CPDM Coordinator for Donga Mantung said she was happy to have new colleagues. Florence Njobe, SDF Coordinator for Donga Mantung said that Shey Jones Yembe should always comeback to the Division so that they could rub shoulders in the field. "A good car is known by its engine and not cabin" she added.  

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