Thursday, June 16, 2016

Meet the Rising Musical Icon Zimonnova in New Single

Nothing is so exciting than to present a rising musical star. Let me introduce you to Zimonnova one of the promising artists whose music will soon hit the chart. That said the stages are by no means an unfamiliar area for the new artist. Known by his real names as Simon Nganteh, this young artist who draws his inspiration from practical happenings around him has once again hit the chart with a new single, “Mukulah”.

Musically speaking, Zimonnova moves in between the polished and structured, and the edgy and audaciously bold sounds of RnB/pop music. His meticulous hub on the romantic bubble of his songs, combined with his talented vocal, has resulted in his music being great..
This young talented Cameroonian RnB/Pop artist who hails from Wi(mbum) land in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region in Cameroon. His music entirely describes practical happenings of life and he mixes his mother tongue, Limbum and English.
Zimonnova is a teacher by profession, a songwriter, a recording and performing artist. He has worked with Producer 2Le of Bahood Records, who produced his first hit song titled "aisha' and Godema Records, where his song "wedding day" was produced. “At the age of 11, I got into music, inspired by backstreet boys, and as time went on, I was completely touched and inspired by the wimbum drums”. Listening to his music is as inspiring and motivational listening to a public speaker.  His new single "mukulah" to be released being an example of the wimbumusic. Yet he says “I haven't released an album ever since I started I have released only 2 singles which are "Aisha" "wedding day" . There is also "mukulah" which is still to be released and all this song are under title "About Time"
Talking about young talented musicians in the North West Region without mentioning Zamonnova is like writing an essay with an introduction.

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