Sunday, July 17, 2016

Looking Glass: Meet Tatah Emmanuel Bantar, The Visionary Poet of the Week

Cameroon’s new Penal code went into effect after being promulgated into law by the Head of state, President Paul Biya. Although Common Law lawyers and Members of Parliament decried that it had numerous flaws, It is right because it’s right ( a Poem) by Tatah Emmanuel Bantar makes a spicy ode into the New Penal Code, exploring its multiple facets.  The title itself puts to test the rule of law and paints a bigger picture of it. The poem moves stealthily from equity to equality down to parity and neutrality, enduring the theme of a regular steam to control bad habits– then it moves towards a revolutionary tone and encourages good governance with recurring emphasis on Accountability, Responsibility, Integrity and Unity.  

Towards the end, It is right because It’s Right explodes into a moral weapon for the powerful and right.  
In this piece, Tatah Emmanuel anticipates that New Penal Code will not only resist possessions but will also create an atmosphere in which family lives will be reinforced, real estate businesses fortified leading to economic, political and social equality. He sees all these acts as the total sum of a progress towards sanctity.


It is right because it’s right!

It is right!
When states operate in the ambit of justice and equity,
So that courts impart justice and judgment on the bases of equality,
And in the name of the people of a democracy trimmed with parity,
And cases are decided on, in the sole interest of the citizens in neutrality,
It is right because it’s right!

It is right!
When budgets are executed with reasoned accountability,
So that justice and equality usher in desired responsibility,
In as much as reliability and answerability ensnare integrity,
And a credible, impartial and liable leadership fortifies unity,
It is right because it’s right!

It is right!
When human laws are voted and promulgated in objectivity,
Whilst staffing and appointments are completed with impartiality,
So that decisions taken to fund equal opportunities earn credibility,
And localized gender equality stimulates citizens to exert in honesty,
It is right because it’s right!

It is right!
Wherein lives are lived to satisfy and venerate God in His goodness,
Folks the world over maneuvers in the compass of love and fairness,
So that chairs are arranged in the banquet with classic classlessness,
And without discrimination, displaying characterized righteousness,
It is right because it’s right!

It is right!
Should plans be worthy enough and more is desire of sameness,
So that booties of endeavours are allotted with even handedness,
Hence couples enjoy monogamy as a function of time in faithfulness,
And the polygamies run in squadron of spouses with guilelessness,
It is right because it’s right!

It is right!
Proviso proprietors of firms operate with fair mindedness,
So much such that employees and the likes toil in faithfulness,
And by so doing, that which is right is done in openness,
And the sum total is a movement toward holiness,
It is right because it’s right!

By Tatah Emmanuel Bantar

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