Saturday, July 2, 2016

Population Threatens Bloodshed as SDO Plots to Transfer Local Water Scheme to CDE

An atmosphere of uncertainty now looms in Ewongo, Wotutu and Bonadikombo (Limbe) over what has been described as an obnoxious plan by the Senior Divisional Officer, Zang to transfer a local water scheme to the  multinational water management company La Camerounese Des L’eaux-CDE. The population has vowed that they would prefer to die than see their community water schemes being hijacked from them when it was conceived and executed by them without any external support. In reaction to the looming threats and uncertainty, SDF District Chairman for Limbe, Ndenge Godden Zama has issued a release reiterating the fact that “in this fight between good and evil, the Social Democratic Front will always be on the side of the people”. The Eye gathered that the population has vowed that the SDO has exceeded his limits and they are ready to die than see their future jeopardized by people who see nothing good in anything except in the form of bread. Some months ago, he (SDO) ordered for the arrest of a CRTV journalist in Limbe.
The release further states that “The populations of Ewongo, Wotutu and Bonadikombo have spoken loud and clear. They don’t want their community water project to be transferred to any entity.
Any individual or groups of individuals who are engaged in this diabolical connivance to facilitate the transfer of this project to Cameroon Des L’eaux are working contrary to the aspirations of the people of these communities.  Their actions represent the very worst of Cameroon. Any impostors, manipulators, dictators who put their interest before the interest of Bonadikombo, Wotutu and Ewongo should immediately come to their senses and realize that the collective forces of the peoples would never let that happen.
We have put in place a couple of mechanisms to stop this wicked act from ever seeing the light of day. In the next couple of days we shall be expanding our operations in the affected communities to create a firewall to ensure that the affected communities continue to have a say on their water”.

(More about SDO Zang's Obnoxious plan soon)

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