Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tribute to Hon. Talla Kwalar by Shu Fai Njilahngotong

“As it was written”

Here we lay to rest the man Pa Kwalar, Hon. Kwalar, Section President, cooperative President, adviser to Kings, Fons, Fais, Elites, the young, the old and even the unborn, the list is long.
Hon. Kwalar
In 1964m I found myself doing dishes for him and late Pa Barthson, and from then till date, I know him better, and better here means knowing him more and littler. He was a man who kept growing in knowledge as advanced in age and never was he ever defeated. To the best of my knowledge and to many of us, Pa died as Section President for CPDM because he was never beaten at an election. He created the Donga Mantung II Section, and ruled it, and died a “Section President”. He was politics and politics was him. He sacrificed for it and his house became the house of political meetings, to the CPDM, he gave his family. His politics was pure and to him everybody was a man and woman and then politics came after. Unlike today that politics is dividing Wimbum people. He drank and ate with everybody. Today people of the same party don’t even talk to each other. What a shame! Here lies politics in that box and then goes politics away. Can we learn?
To Pa Kwalar, he shared more than he acquired, what a man, what a myth. Pa, you have gone away and how I wish that it was us to either say yes or no.

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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