Tuesday, June 2, 2015

SCNC Declares Independence on May 20

 A handful of SCNC activists belonging to a group known as the Revolutionary Council or so, gathered at Ndamukong Street in Bamenda on May 20, to listen to a certain declaration which they said is to restore the independence of the Southern Cameroons. After  singing  the Anthem of Southern Cameroons, the seven followers who showed up at the declaration ceremony, were also handed copies of the said Anthem on CDs to share to passer-bys. The Southern Cameroons flag was also raised. This to them was already an achievement. “How can seven people declare the independence of a nation?” one man who refused the CD asked.
However, the nifty gritty and significant about the declaration of the restoration of the nationhood of Southern Cameroons was that it was read by a certain Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh M. In the opening statement, he declared that “ the spirit of the lord is upon” him to “bring good news to the oppressed and proclaim freedom to the captives, to proclaim the release of the chained and bring peace to the unprotected in our Father Land-the Federal Republic of Southern Cameroons”. He claimed that for close to 21 years today, President Biya has ignored local and international calls to dialogue with Southern Cameroonians, notably the SCNC and SCAPO as called for in Communication 266/2003 by the African Court of Human and People’s Rights (ACHPR) Banjul. Evangelist Ngwa Aaron in his declaration also added that “La Republic” has refused to honour international calls to withdraw from Southern Cameroons. “To intensify his grip on us, Anglophone schools are flooded with Francophone youths”, some he added enter such schools without writing professional exams as required”. In a 31 points justification, Evangelist Ngwa Aaron rambled on some issues ranging from French language been prescribed in North West courts, electoral fraude and corruption, falsification of ages for youths to vote, unemployment, poverty, banditry, feymania,  poorly translated questions that were handed to Anglophone candidates during the police entrance exam, as some of the ills that have chopped the economy. He however claimed that the basic salary in Southern Cameroons remains 80.000 FCFA per month and would be effective as of July 2015. How that one is going to happen, he was mute. He jumped into the two maps handed to President Biya by the United Nations emphasizing that it “clearly shows that we are one but two”. To him, the daily transfer of money from Bamenda to Bafoussam and Limbe to Douala is a calculated act to kill the economy of Southern Cameroons. He pointed out that “the private Bill on water for political reasons was rejected by the foolish majority of parliamentarians recently adding that even the high cost of fuel remains a cause for concern. He also added that Nfor Ngala Nfor and six others were arrested in Buea without an arrest warrant and arrest charge. In his concluding statement, Evangelist Ngwa Aaron thanked Kofi Anan “for his untiring efforts and Banki Moon for passing sleepless nights see Southern Cameroonians totally liberated from the pangs of their oppressors. By this statement therefore, I declare the independence of Southern Cameroons restored.” Impressionists are of the opinion that this is a joke of the century

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