Thursday, June 4, 2015

World Environment Day: NW Stakeholders Kick Start Activities with Tree Planting at GBHS Down Town, Bamenda

Tansi Laban Bambo
 This year's world environment day activities have been launched in the North West Region. The three days activities were launched at Government Bilingual High School Down Town, Bamenda in the presence of the Representative of North West Governor. Students, teachers and stakeholders all planted trees during the launching exercise. Talking to journalists after the tree planting exercise, Nji Joseph said the exercise is very important due to the number of disasters that are happening now due to climate change. Harping on why GBHS Down Town was chosen, he explained that the trees planted will control erosion, landslides etc given that school is located on a slope. The species of trees planted included amongst others Prunnus Africanna, Grevilia Robusta, Calixtamore etc.

On his part the North West Regional Delegation of Environment, Protection of the Nature and Sustainable Development highlighted the various challenges faced by the population. Harping on this year’s theme, Tansi Laban Bambo “Sustainable Consumption and Production”, he added that there is an urgent need for people to plant more trees so as stabilize the soil as well as reverse the impact of climate change.
He called on the population to join in the campaign “Seven Million Dreams; One Planet. Consume with Care by planting trees and this will change their attitude towards land use and management of natural resources. According to the regional delegate, planting environment friendly trees is a noble cause given that trees are a source of food, energy, fuel wood, and above all a source of oxygen.
To the regional delegate, land degradation is a serious threat to human existence reasons why GBHS Down Town was chosen to host the exercise. He ended by expressing gratitude to NESCAM, a network of stakeholders in the North West Region which has been very active in promoting sustainable management of natural resources

It should be noted that the day II activities continue today June 3, with a Round Table Discussion and Quiz for pupils and students. To draw the cotton on this year’s world environment day, stakeholders are expected to attend the groundbreaking exhibition in the city of Bamenda.

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