Wednesday, June 6, 2012

At the National Assembly, Hon. Cavaye Takes on Marafa

 During his opening speech at the June 2012 session at the Parliament of Cameroon yesterday, June 5, 2012, the president of the National Assembly  invited without citing the former Minister of Territorial Administration and decentralization (MINATD) not to "distract" the opinion by presenting Operation Sparrow Hawk as a political tool to combat President Biya's opponents. Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibrille acknowledged that Sparrow Hawk was on the right track to hunt corrupt government officials. Hon. Cavaye Yeguie denounced with unusual verbal violence "an attempted hijacking of national opinion" by those who are today called up by the judiciary to give a clear cut on the management of public funds which they were responsible.Listening to these words uttered in a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the second regular session at the National Assembly, some Members of Parliament were almost stunned. Government officials as well as diplomats who turned out at the National Assembly were all frozen.
From his podium Cavaye Yeguie continues to launch his missiles towards Marafa  and concluded that "the National Assembly gives final accord, more than ever to those who are responsible for conducting this operation, so they pursue it relentlessly and without fear. I appeal to the maturity of Cameroonians and their vigilance so that they do not get distracted noble objectives, "he implores.Public opinion holds that after Jacque Fame Ndongo, Hon Cavaye  only the reaction of Paul Biya is now expected. Panic!

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