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4th Letter: Marafa Rubbishes Tchiroma, Motaze and Belibi, Reveals the Mafia that Crumpled CAMAIR

.Former MINATD boss, Marafa Hamidou Yaya has again launched another guided missile. In his fourth letter, Marafa demonstrates how a gang corrupts government officials consists of Issa Tchiroma, Joseph Belibi and Louis Paul Motaze connived with South Africans to pocket billions of taxpayer’s money. Marafa blamed the crash B.737 ("The Nyong") in Douala, which resulted in the death of 71 persons on negligence on the part of some officials. On December 3, 1995 the Being matriculated 737-200 crashed and in 1997, another plane (Mt Cameroon, 747-200) developed a mechanical problem in Paris, yet the insurance fee of 65v million US dollars early paid to SAA was never reimbursed to CAMAIR. Among other burning issues, Marafa reveals that he refused to collaborate with Isaa Tchiroma in respect of his two friends who died in the crash of December 1995. 

Translated Version of Marafa's fourth letter
Open Letter of Marafa Hamidou Yaya president on the 71 dead from the crash of the Boeing 737-200 Camair December 3, 1995

Call for justice

President of the Republic,

I am writing from prison Kondengui where I am incarcerated. Above all, I solemnly reiterate my innocence to the accusations to myself and hope to have the opportunity to prove to the competent courts.

If I want to see justice done in the case of aircraft, it is because i have been unjustly incriminated. Certainly, history has a way to stutter or rather to repeat itself.

Give me justice, and finally indemnify the victims. For only a sound application of justice will allow our country to trust.
First of all, let me offer my sincere apologies to our compatriots who lost love ones in the crash of the Boeing 737 CAMAIR in Douala in December 1995.  And  that justice be finally done so that the victims of that accident compensated. This is also the role of the state.

In May 1994, written agreements were taken to Paris, France, by which the South African-Airways (SAA) committed to maintain the Boeing 737 and 747 belonging to the defunct CAMAIR.

Because of the failure and gross negligence in the performance of these contracts, the Boeing 737-200 registered TJ-CBE and named The Nyong, crashed in Douala 3 December 1995, killing seventy-one (71) persons. Similarly, in 1997, the Boeing 747-200 Combi, Mount Cameroon registered mechanical problems near Paris, France. One of our fellow prisoners at Kondengui was a passenger on that flight. He is still traumatized.

Both (02) Boeing 737 pilots were friends. The captain, Mr. SALI Younoussa AMAN who we have known each other since childhood died in that accident. We shared the same bench in class Terminal "D" at Lycee de Garoua. Then we shared the same room while at the University of Yaounde. After his death, I was in his village Bé, near Garoua, and with his brother the Lamido, we prayed on his grave.

I knew the pilot, Mr. Lombo, when I worked at the SNH and I traveled a lot. We met at his place of work, that is to say in airplanes. It was also a childhood friend of my wife in Douala. That is how we also became so closer. After his death, my wife and I went to comfort his mother and together we prayed at his grave that is located in the courtyard of their house in Douala.

In 1999, when I was Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic, the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Mr. Amadou Ali sent you a note  from an interview he had with his friend Assoute MILA, which indicated that the SAA had not respected the terms of agreements due to the fact that the company bribed  some government officials as well as CAMAIR.

This corruption exposed, renders legally void the contracts between SAA and CAMAIR. Thus, payments of sixty-five (65) million U.S. dollars (or the rate of U.S. $ 1 = 500 CFA francs, thirty-two billion five hundred million (32.5 billion) francs CFA) received by the PAC in Under these contracts should be returned to CAMAIR. In addition, damages should be required.

At the time the Minister of State, I have always envied for reasons of its own and with whom I had relations encountered during our cohabitation in government and other stakeholders in Cameroon in this matter,  and i have have to present the primary beneficiary of the fruits of these corrupt practices.

Therefore, every effort was made to my  been "guilty" is known to everyone. The same newspapers that have prepared public opinion for my incarceration had been put to work as part of a hatred campaign and particularly violent at the time.

Imagine, Mr. President of the Republic. I was your main contributor. You receive me in audience every day. I was supposed to be the center of this tragic scandal, and I had to look you in the eyes every day!

Imagine, Mr. President of the Republic. By my supposed transgression, I became responsible for the deaths of two (02) close friends and a sixty dozen of our compatriots!

The tormented conscience, I tried to get closer to those who survived the accident. This is how I got to my table the stewardess Miss WELISSANE. Similarly, each quarter, I got to my office, Mr. TUNG NDONG, Deputy Director of Corporate Affairs at the Presidency of the Republic also a survivor of the crash. I was drawing him orders to carry out its mission for medical checks in France and meet with his psychiatrist.

Beyond the light of these two compatriots, I tried to probe their souls to see what they might think of the monster that I was supposed to be. It was a continual torture for me.

I then vowed to make every effort to ensure that the truth be known about this case and that justice is done. Providence will help me.

On your instructions, I took by correspondence dated August 26, 1999, the General Manager of TRANS-NET Ltd. in this case (see Appendix 1). Subsequently, I signed a decree dated 14 November 2000 establishing a committee to monitor the performance of aircraft maintenance contracts between CAMAIR and TRANS-NET-SAA (see Appendix 2).

This committee was tasked among others "to sue and defend the interests of CAMAIR and the State of Cameroon in disputes arising in connection with the execution of these contracts."

Under the committee's work, the mechanism of this corruption was exposed, the different actors and beneficiaries have been identified and some have formally recognized, in view of the mission report dated 07 December 2000 that the Committee sent you.


I was then proposed that the financial gains that our country should take the action brought can be used as follows:

a) Compensate beneficiaries of the crash victims of Boeing 737 for one hundred million (100,000,000) CFA francs per person.

b) Bailing CAMAIR with difference to strengthen the equity of this company.

Therefore, I became the inconvenient witness. Indeed, those who had an interest in what I am portrayed as the beneficiary of the fruits of this corruption had been formally exposed and were panicked. Not only the press no longer speak of this matter, but a senseless and diabolical strategy will be implemented to permanently discredit me.

Thus, those concerned have made contact with Mr Bantu Holomisa, then a member of the South African Parliament, President of the political party "United Democratic Movement" and a lot of notoriety. He has written an open letter dated 27 March 2002 addressed to His Excellency Thabo Mbeki, then President of the Republic of South Africa and to yourself (see Appendix 3); letter that he read in plenary session of the South African Parliament, requesting that a judicial commission of inquiry on the bribery scandal involving the company TRANSNET.

In this letter, Mr Bantu Holomisa again, he said, the allegations in the press in Cameroon under which my wife (Namely cited) have made several trips to South Africa to collect bribes from the company TRANSNET.

Indeed, at the time, my wife had made several trips to South Africa for health reasons. She has undergone several surgeries and hospitalizations in health facilities and also known by practitioners. She continues to get there and there to follow, his last trip back in March 2012.


After the surprise, I correspondence dated April 12, 2002 addressed to him (see Appendix 4) and transmitted by DHL (Air Waybill No. 358.2947.141), informed Mr Bantu Holomisa that I have read of his open letter with great interest that I thought was a libel and that the outcome of legal proceedings, I reserve the right to sue. I also brought to his attention that copies of my correspondence would be sent to President Thabo Mbeki and Yourself. Yours was forwarded to you the same day by myself (see Appendix 5). That of President Thabo Mbeki was by DHL (Air Waybill No. 358.2947.701).

After several years I have been informed that the case was tried, that TRANSNET was sentenced and that Cameroon has been compensated. To my surprise, NO KNOWN FRUIT OF BENEFICIARIES OF THIS CORRUPTION HAS BEEN WORRIED, ON THE ADMINISTRATIVELY. LET ALONE ON CRIMINAL PLAN.

Even Mr. Amadou Ali, who was yet the cause of the outbreak of the matter is no longer interested, as Minister of Justice for more than ten (10) years, while a sixty dozen of our compatriots lost their lives!

To restore a little bit my honor and my wife permanently dirty and no one seemed to care, I took Mr. Emmanuel TEM, Cameroonian lawyer Cabinet "RABBIT ATTORNEY" based in Johannesburg, to initiate legal action for defamation against Mr Bantu Holomisa. I've realized by note dated June 18, 2005 (see Appendix 6)

After reviewing the record that I gave him and made some preliminary steps, Mr. TEM assured me of the correctness of my approach and his belief in a way that I would support an eventual trial (see Appendix 7 .). He however warned against the media coverage that would result from this trial in South Africa, which would not fail to be detrimental to some relationship between the gay and ours.

I requested a hearing at which I have expressed this warning from my lawyers. You asked me to end this procedure to safeguard the interests of our country. In my own defense, I had to stay those proceedings, thus depriving me of the opportunity to restore my honor and my wife.

I have reiterated on the occasion of the hearing, the need to compensate the beneficiaries of the crash of the Boeing 737 for one hundred million (100,000,000) CFA francs per person, as I have the had already proposed. What would be justice.

What was my dismay when a few years later, the beneficiaries of this corruption, some of which have been promoted to government office! I had then expressed my refusal to cooperate with Mr. Issa Tchiroma in particular, respect for the memory of my two (02) friends and other victims of the crash of Boeing 737 CAMAIR in 1995.

President of the Republic,

Do justice to these victims. Because only justice we will collectively BUILDING A TRUST COMPANY.

Procrastination could exceed our countrymen and exasperate, as it surpassed and exasperated Cromwell in his day for less than that.

Indeed, in 1653, after learning that Parliament was trying to continue to serve despite an agreement to dissolve and after failing to agree on rules of procedure applicable, Cromwell lost patience. April 20, he took part in a session and listened to a couple of interventions. Then he stood up and harangued the members of parliament. This discourse has unfortunately not been preserved but it was often paraphrased. Thus he says: "... You have sat too long here for any good You have been doing. Depart I say, and let us Have done with you. In me name of God, go! "

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Anonymous said...

marafa is saying the right things at the wrong time he would have used thesame courage that he has now to have resigned from government long ago

Unknown said...

even though its too late now; thing what he saying shouldtell us what kind of rullers we have. even if he is jailed today ; he has also made us understand so many things around us. i admire his courage for the things he is saying and which is too late;but its better late than never. - 25yrs as a jail term for an economical prisoner like marafa is too much; theren is alot of mafia surounding his case; and i believe we all understand that.


Marafa is actually doing the right thing at the right time, because it would have certainly be difficult for him to expose the president while in service. His life would have been now astake but now that all eyes are focused in his case, he can speak as loud as his able mouth can open. Should anything happen to MARAFA, Biya will automatically be question by Cameroonians and the international community.


Marafa Hamidou Yaya, represent one of the most significant threats to have emerged to Biya's presidency in the past 28-years. This is because they threaten to expose the corruption and maladministration on which Cameroon's much-vaunted stability rests while also highlighting the fragility of the regional and ethnic alliances which Biya has orchestrated.
He is currently doing the right thing at the right time. it was deadly for him to have exposed the president while in service. Now is a genuine opportunity for him to open his able mouth as wide as he can to expose President Biya's Malpractices.
The decisions of the legal system in Cameroon is not independent!!
i love his october letter "

In 1999, a French inquiry into the activities of the high priest of the Amorc Raymond Bernard revealed that you had paid 3.6 million CFA francs to the cult from Cameroon’s oil revenues. Earlier in 1999 you had given the leader of the French cult (l’Ordre du Temple Solaire) a painting worth 5, 6 million CFA francs and another gift of 2 million CFA francs as well as a bank transfer of 20 million francs to the same cult. You gave the aforementioned sect a 99 year –interest free loan of 40 million francs. Because you are completely beholden to cults, there is a popular saying in Yaoundé that one had to be a Rosicrucian to become a member of your government. Your sects breed human sacrifices and demand human body parts like the heart, the brain and genitals for their esoteric practice.