Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jean-Jacques Ndoudoumou and Jean Tabi Manga Found Guilty of Mismanagement

The Disciplinary Board of the Budget and Finance (CDBF) of the Supreme State Control (CONSUPE) of Cameroon has sentenced to pay back to the state treasury over a 100 million FCFA, respectively the director of the Regulatory Agency for Procurement (ARMP) and the Rector of the University of Yaounde II, Jean-Jacques Ndoudoumou and Jean Tabi Manga
They were also fined each to pay FCFA 2 million to the Treasury.
The first was convicted of paying premiums and special benefits to public officials and employees without justification, no respect for resolution of the Board, staff recruitment in violation of procedures.
Mr. Ndoudoumou also appointed officials of the ARMP in violation of procedures, and hired a consultant paid by the state of which he is responsible.
The second, meanwhile, is accused of multiple violations related to public procurement and payment of benefits.
The CDBF the CONSUPE is one of the anti corruption arm of government in the fight against mismanagement of public funds and property.
Placed directly under the Presidency of the Republic to which it addresses its reports, it has, in recent months, pinned and sentenced to heavy fines half a dozen senior officials.
Late February, CDBF/ CONSUPE published a list of 83 officials and state employees, coming from 10 regions of the country and they were summoned to appear before the committee to explain their management between 2002 and 2007. on that list of 83 were the names of Jean Jacques Ndoudoumou and Jean Tabi Manga

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