Wednesday, June 13, 2012

PCC Dismisses Two Recalcitrant Pastors, Fines One

Rev. Wara Che, Rev. Tokabo Divine and Rev. Adose Osage have been cited as those who have been unable to pulsate their calling. However, according to information gathered the sanctions were dished out in Kumba recently during the graduation ceremony of some 24 students from the PCC Theological Seminary. According to sources from June 4, 2012 the former Bafoukom church pastor will no more operate as a PCC pastor. He has been noted for his healing crusades at the Bafoukom PC in the neighborhood of Bamenda.  The same ax according to classified sources also fell on Rev. Tokabo Divine while on the other hand; Rev. Adose Osage was fined to pay back into PCC coffers the sum of 10 million FCFA.
However, Rev. Wara recently staged a spectacular comeback under a different canopy and not the PCC. This was at the Bamenda Congress Hall last Sunday 10, 2012, where Rev. Wara and supporters communed together.

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