Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sparrow Hawk, Two CPDM Mayors Arrested?

  Two CPDM Mayors, Francois FoudaMayor of Ebebda  and ANDZE ANDZE Emile the mayor of Yaounde I,  as rumoured last weekend were picked up by judicial police in Yaounde for alleged embezzlement. Andze Andze, it should be noted is the President Union of Cities and Councils of Cameroon.
 However, it is not yet clear whether the two mayors arrested are linked to the Marafa saga giving that much is been echoed about in some quarters in Yaounde. Notwithstanding it is alleged Andze Andze was part of the gang that crumpled the farmers bank "Credit Agricole". While on the other hand, Francis Fouda whose council generates alot of money from the sales of sand may be hooked in a mismanagement palaver.

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