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Assault on Hon. Awudu's Wife and Market Master: Fru Ndi Petitions to Biya on Terror in Nkambe

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Ndi John Fru Ndi, SDF National Chairman is alleged to have written to President Paul Biya informing him of the political anarchy that reigns in Nkambe. Classified sources hinted that the decision was endorsed by Members of the National Executive Council of the Social Democratic Front in Bamenda a forth night ago. The petition we gathered is already on President Biya’s table. The Eye is aware that MINATD boss Rene Sadi is conversant with the havoc caused by CPDM party militia in Nkambe. MINATD boss we gathered has requested for a complete report on the incident of Wat where Hon. Awudu Mbaya and the market master for Wat were assaulted by CPDM militants.
Donga Mantung SDO Puts Promoters of Party Militia to Task, Warns
The Senior Divisional for Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region has warned against the creation of party militia in the Division. Addressing political stakeholders against the backdrop of the Wat incident where Mary Awudu Ngayi, (wife of Hon. Awudu) and the market master for Wat (Ngwayi Ivo alias Ajento Baba) were assaulted by CPDM militants, Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard made it clear that Donga Mantung is not fertile ground for party militias. He warned that anyone who takes the law into his/her hands or carries out jungle justice like was the case in Wat will have to be punished accordingly in conformity with the regulations in force. Harping on the Wat incident where some individual took the law into their hands, Donga Mantung SDO warned that Nkambe is already having a bad image because of that incident. On the security measures, the SDO revealed that all drinking spots (beer parlours, sha houses and fiang drinking spots) shall be closed at certain hours of the night adding that routine patrols shall ensure it strict respect. He emphasized that peace must reign in Donga Mantung before, during and after the September 30, Municipal and Legislative Elections reechoed the need for peaceful co-existence and political tolerance.  He catapulted the media for it role in sensitizing the population on the distribution of voters’ cards. Responsible journalism, the SDO observed should be the menu of media practitioners in Donga Mantung Division. He also warned that political parties shouldn’t us traditional rulers as political tools. As September 30, approaches, he ordered that all the political parties must obtained a declaration from the competent authorities before organizing any rally.
Of Political Gangsterism and Party Militia
 A Joint Sub Section Conference of the CPDM which took place Wat Market Square has entered into records as the darkness corner in politics in Nkambe Central. This is so because it was transformed into a boxing ring. The story goes that CPDM militants had chosen the market shed constructed by Hon. Awudu Mbaya and handed to the council as the avenue of the meeting without permission from neither the mayor nor the market master. Early that morning, CPDM militants transformed the market shed into a grandstand, upon getting the information that the beans market has been transformed into a political rally ground, the mayor of Nkambe Mangoh Jones Tanko stormed the market. He was accompanied by the wife of the Member of Parliament and four others. When Mangoh Jones Tanko , Mary Awudu and four others stormed the market arguing that the market shed is not a grandstand, CPDM militants resisted, brandishing a declaration with two round stamps that the document was signed by the supervisory authority. In the course of the arguments, Chifu David Ngenge alias Simple DNC, intervened and it degenerated to him slapping Mary Awudu. Tempers are said to have flared after the incident. Upon arrival on the scene the 2nd Assistant SDO for Donga Mantung Div. called on Musa Shey Nfor, aspiring CPDM councilor for Ngwanri village and Waka Emmanuel, CPDM aspiring councilor for Mbaah, who allegedly refused that they were not the ones who selected neither the avenue nor those who declared the rally to the administration. It is even alleged that the declaration that was brandished was fake given that in no circumstance should such a document carry two round stamps. Manshang Nicholas immediately ordered the CPDM to quit the market shed given that they were disturbing public peace as well as the market women who were selling beans. Ajento Baba, the market master for Wat told this reporter that the incident has disturbed him from collecting revenue. Mami Brigette Yaah from Mbanka said she brought 10 buckets of beans, but could only sell 2. Mariama Mbibu says she sold only 1 bucket out of 3 buckets she brought to the market. Mary Awudu said that she was annoyed because the market shed was constructed for women to sell beans and not to host political rallies. It should be noted that it is thanks to that market shed that a beans market was created in Wat.  According to what we gathered, buyers who usually come from far off areas like Bamenda, Kumbo and Douala were scared. Talking to this reporter, Musa Shey Nfor said that the incident took place when he had left the market.  Many have been questioning the lesson that some of these politicians are passing to the youths as politics has been transformed into a sinkhole. Majority of the CPDM militants who spoke to this reporter condemned the act of slapping somebody’s wife and a mother for that matter. However, Barr. Chifu Ngenge David is quoted to have told Radio Danbaturi that he was provoked by Mary Awudu who gave him the first slap, held him by the tie and that for the past years he had received insults from her. Moreso, he also said that Mary Awudu once said that he (Chifu Ngenge David) was dismissed from the police because he was a bad element.
Ngwayi Ivo alias Ajento Baba is on hospital bed given that he almost gave off the ghost after receiving a snake beating from two CPDM militants. Ngwayi Ivo told this reporter that while at the toll gate, he was approach by Tangong Oliver alias young mayor; he accused him of having informed the mayor on the rally that was planned in the market. According to what Ngwayi Ivo told this on hospital bed, he said when he responded that he only did his job as a market master, one young man who was driving the car by name Nfor Awoh alias Nfor Jekaje came out of the car and gave him a dirty slap that landed him on the floor. He said he only recalled that Tangong Oliver kicked him on the head. “As for what happened to me, I cannot remember because I only discovered myself in a house lying”, he said.  It is even alleged that Ngwayi Ivo may be transferred to Bafoussam hospital for the scanning of the head. Even though classified sources say the matter has been taken to court, public opinion in Nkambe is aghast with the laxity that the SDF party is handling the issue and many have questioned whether the law courts have closed. Anembom Munjo, SDF communication Secretary told journalists last weekend at the NEC meeting that the party has taken it stand on the issue and that SDF will make sure that justice prevail. “If you slap Hon. Awudu’s wife, then you have equally slapped him. This is not a joking matter”, Anembom reiterated. It is this act that the SDO for Donga Mantung has condemned as party militia, saying it won’t be tolerated.

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Nfor said...

If CPDM militia of Donga Mantung are claiming on the legal administrative endorsement by transforming the WAT beans market into a Political rally avenue without observing formal bureaucratic protocol via the Donga Mantung Mayor and other administrative body's, then the so called bill which bears as two red stamps as exhibit is considered an illegal emancipation proclamation by the opposition party to host political forums in the market, thus minimizing the market master express authorization as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why some people donuts reason or asked reasonable questions to them self on what they call assault on madam amido. The first question is to asked what was madam amido doing in the grand stand befor slapped. The second is what did she do to the person who slapped her before the slap was given.

Any normal man will not slap a woman in returned of a slap or allow a woman to insult him measlesly the way madam amido did. Is madam amido a parliamentarian? Is she a mayor? Or is she the care taker of the community grand stand constructed with funds for micro project?

Anonymous said...

SDF is frustrated in nkambe