Friday, August 30, 2013

Ebang Samuel Njumbe: Pictogram of Hard Work

 By Comfort Beri
Ebang Samuel Njumbe
One famous philosopher once wrote that “if a man could mount to Heaven and survey the mighty universe, his admiration of its beauty would be much diminished unless he had some to share in his pleasure”. This clearly indicates that life harbors a vacuum and great people can only be identified when they interact in society. In other words, many people in society are just stage decorations while those who work hard in life stage the property to excellence. In fact what keeps the world intact is trust and society is so multifaceted that we are becoming short of trustworthy people. Yet it is not a given to have trustworthy people. However, some people have been able to lead a life that is exemplary. Ebang Samuel Njumbe alias Sango is one of those persons with a prolific slate. He is a man of a specific class and stands out clear in the madding crowd. Born in Tombel of Kupe Mwanenguba, young attended his primary in Nkikih in Bangem where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate. In 1992, he moved to Saint Joseph’s Sasse College. As a young as he was, he did his best to catch up with education. Not that he was dull in book work but financially he lacked sponsorship. Haven succeeded to go to form II; he finally left Sasse because of lack money to pay school fees. To him, fate was a guide and he believed that one’s downfall can equally be the beginning of his break-through. Equally, young Njumbe had the belief that until you are once frustrated, you can never fulfill your mission on earth. He then decided to engage himself in farm work. He later got married and had three children. Having the conviction that truly there can never be a change until there is challenge, his elder brother Njumbe Martin, whom he worked in the farm to support his education at the University of Yaounde encouraged him to go back to Sasse College. In 1980, the young father of three went back to Sasse college and this time in form four. At that time his classmates had graduated from the University and were teaching in the same school. The unpaid fees he owed before leaving Sasse in 1973 were thrown off in sympathy by the principal. in complicity with some teachers, Ebang Samuel Njumbe registered the GCE Ordinary levels in four papers and finally passed in three with very good grades. He returned back to Tombel with the determination to succeed in life. Through his farm work, he raised money to set up a second hand bookshop to support desperate students and also preparing for any public service examination as a short-cut to success. Encouraged by the notion that “your destiny determines your value and even experience is what leads you to have what you need”, Njumbe Samuel in 19983 succeeded to enter the public service through a public service examination in the treasury department. After receiving training in the Ministry of Finance on public accounting and nomenclatures, he was transferred to the provincial treasury in Bamenda. He was in 1985 appointed as Chief of Bureau local councils and public establishments at the then provincial treasury in Bamenda, a post he held for three years. In 1988, Ebang Samuel Njumbe was appointed and sent to Donga Mantung Division as Chief of Service for Local Council and Public Establishments at the Divisional treasury in Nkambe, a position he held for eight years. And in 1996, he was appointed in dual capacities as the sub treasurer and municipal treasurer for Ako/ interim municipal and sub treasurer for Misaje. In 1997, he was transferred to Ngie in Momo Division in the same capacity. And on March 11, 2005, Ebang Samuel Njumbe was transferred back to Ako where he is still in service. Besides, he is the proprietor of Hotel Bakassi in Ako, Donga Mantung Division. Ebang Samuel Njumbe was voted by readers of The Eye Newspaper as the best sub Treasurer for Donga Mantung Division. In fact his life story is a lesson that teaches us that it is bad to fail but it is worst never to have tried to succeed, for failure is only an opportunity for more intelligent beginning and also it is sure that you can be a blessing if you work hard in life. Life as they say is a fleeing mystery and so too is society. And only those who get up early in the morning with a vision will succeed.

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