Thursday, August 1, 2013

Supreme State Indicts Monono,others

 The Budget and Disciplinary Committee of the Supreme State Audit Office published the sanctions on July 29. The gov’t is scratching around the periphery. However, public opinion holds that if Supreme state audit has left ministries and come down to the level of services like boards, while not start with the Police and the judiciary? More so, another school of thought holds that it is the  gov’t that  keeps steering away from the powerhouses of corruption to pick up some peripheral elements. Another question is why and how someone steals a large amount of money and that person is only asked to pay only a quarter.  With all these, how will the country grow?

The Budget and Disciplinary Committee of the Supreme State Audit Office between April 4 and July 26, 2013 examined 18 cases of management errors in public finances contained in reports from control, audit and verification missions prepared by State Inspectors. The Committee chaired by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of the Supreme State Audit, Henri Eyebe Ayissi in a press release slammed sanctions on vote holders and institutions found guilty of management errors that cost much to the State.
The verification of the financial management in the Limbe-based National Oil Refinery Company, SONARA concerns the period 2007 to 2010. The Committee verified the files of the accounting consultancy firms, KPMG and K§CIE, co-financial controllers of SONARA and found them guilty of three management errors that cost the company, FCFA 3,609,387,219. As sanctions, KPMG and K§CIE were each sanctioned to pay a fine of FCFA 2,000,000.
The Committee examined the file of the WAC FIDUCIAIRE COMPTABLES consultancy firm, the financial controller of the National Civil Engineering Pool, MATGENIE for the period 2007 to 2009. The consultancy firm committed two management errors that cost MATGENIE FCFA 48,498,250. The committee found WAC FIDUCIAIRE COMPTABLES short of FCFA 48,498,250 within the framework of services delivery. The consultancy firm was sanctioned to pay a special fine of FCFA 2,000,000.
The verification of the management of the General Certificate of Education Board, GCE-Board for the period 2006 to 2009 proved that its Registrar, Monono Ekema Humphrey was guilty of six specific management errors. He was found short of FCFA 2,071,975 and slammed a special fine of FCFA 500,000. Meanwhile the Committee discharged the Chief of Service of Personnel in the GCE-Board, Misodi Justus on the grounds that no management errors could be established against him. Y did they not demand him to return everything he stole? And yet he remains the Registrar with this kind of dirty track record. Don’t we have death penalty in Cameroon? How in the world can u steal 2million and be asked by the so called supreme state audit to return only 1/4 of what u stole? This country is not serious.
Former Regional Delegates
The former Regional Delegate for Public Works for the South Region, Efoua Fono Théodore was fined FCFA 1,000,000 for two management errors that cost the State, FCFA, 200,000. The former Provincial Delegate of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development for the North West, Ngwang Raphael was found short of FCFA 1,113,571 and slammed a special fine of FCFA 200,000 and the former Regional Delegate of the same Ministry for the Adamawa Region, Aboubakar, was fined FCFA 500,000 for a management error related to the violation of the law on public contracts.

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Bawe Felix said...

This gov't remains a disgrace to the hardworking citizens! How on earth could this be explained, why leave the big guns in their offices n go after those toying with mere thousands?