Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tempers Flare in Nkambe as CPDM Aspiring Councilor Assaults Mary Awudu

 By FC Ndi

Hatred, bitterness, exchange of blows and revenge are luxuries some politicians of Donga Mantung Division are preparing to offer as September 30, approaches. In Donga Mantung, especially Nkambe central, hatred and bitterness is doing a great deal more damage on the population than good. An incident took place today August 18, 2013 in Wat village in Nkambe Central that has taken the administration of Donga Mantung Division aback. Madame Mary Awudu Mbaya, wife of Hon. Awudu Mbaya received blows from a CPDM aspiring councilor for Bongom by name Chifu Ngenge David alias Simple DNC. The incident almost escalidated into a general fight, thank God Mary Awudu cautioned the population not to interfere. There was commotion and sensation today at Wat market square, infact if not of the timely intervention of the 2nd Assistant Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung Division, Manshang Nicholas, there would have been chaos as youths trooped into Wat market from other village to defend Mary Awudu. Eyewitnesses say that before youths from other villages started coming in as the news spread, those of Wat and other neigbouring villages were threatening to transform the market into a boxing ring in retaliation but were stopped by the forces of law and order.
Politics they say is a systematic organization of hatred. This statement is not only true to itself in Nkambe and Ndu nowadays but has also demonstrated that it is very precarious for political issues to be trusted in the hands of little school boys who would go round to inflame hatred like wanton boys who kill flies for sports. Those who had the opportunity to read Gulliver’s travels would agree with this reporter that the Lilliputians are men six inches in height but possessing all the pretension and self-importance of full-sized men. They are mean and nasty, vicious, morally corrupt, hypocritical and deceitful, jealous and envious, filled with greed and ingratitude.
The interesting Lilliputian court customs can easily be compared to what is happening in Nkambe right now whereby those seeking political office demonstrate their agility in rope dancing depending on how long and how skillfully a candidate can dance upon a rope. However, it is pathetic that intrigues, blackmail and slanders has now generated into fighting. This is tragic yet but a kind of insane horror. With politics haven transformed into a boxing ring, there is the looming dark cloud which is horrifying. The essence of tragedy is not the doing of evil by evil men but the doing of evil by good men, out of weakness, indecision, sloth, inability to act in accordance with what they know to be right. What some of these overzealous politicians do not understand is that hatred leads to great bitterness, which ends up completely unproductive and especially when it is patronized by people who holding public trust as a shelf or by those who are looking forth at voters to give them their trust through votes. Hatred is gradually becoming a poor travelling companion Nkambe causing imbalance and unhappiness.
Ahead of September 30, Municipal and Legislative elections, the CPDM bigwigs of Nkambe had planned to organize a Joint Section Conference at Wat Market Square. The only avenue they selected was the market shed constructed by Hon. Awudu Mbaya. When the information reached SDF militants they inquired from the Divisional Officer, the mayor and even the market-master whether they had given permission for market women to quit the shed. According to what we gathered, the answer was negative. Hon. Awudu Mbaya’s wife, Mary Awudu and some local SDF local party officials stormed the market arguing that the market shed is not a grandstand. When she removed the robes that were tied round, Chifu David Ngenge, intervened and it degenerated to him slapping her. Tempers are said to have flared after the incident. Upon arrival on the scene the 2nd Assistant SDO for Donga Mantung Div. called on Musa Shey Nfor, aspiring CPDM councilor for Ngwanri village and Waka Emmanuel, CPDM aspiring councilor for Mbaah, who allegedly refused that they were not the ones who selected neither the avenue nor those who declared the rally to the administration. It is even alleged that no declaration was obtained from the administration. Manshang Nicholas immediately ordered the CPDM to quit the market shed given that they were disturbing public peace as well as the market. Ajento Baba, the market master for Wat told this reporter that the incident has disturbed him from collecting revenue. Mami Brigette Yaah from Mbanka said she brought 10 buckets of beans, but could only sell 2. Mariama Mbibu says she sold only 1 bucket out of 3 buckets she brought to the market.Mary Awudu said that she was annoyed because the market shed was constructed for women to sell beans and not to host political parties. It should be noted that it is thanks to that market shed that a beans market was created in Wat.  According to what we gathered, buyers who usually come from far off areas like Bamenda, Kumbo and Douala were scared. Talking to this reporter, Musa Shey Nfor said that the incident took place when he had left the market.  Many have been questioning the lesson that some of these politicians are passing to the youths as politics has been transformed into a sinkhole.Majority of the CPDM militants who spoke to this reporter condemned the act of slapping somebody's wife and a mother for that matter. However, Barr. Chifu Ngenge David is quoted to have told Radio Danbaturi that he was provoked by Mary Awudu who gave him the first slap and that for the past years he had received insults from her. Moreso, he also said that Mary Awudu once said that he (Chifu Ngenge David) was dismissed from the police because he was a bad element. 
It has also been confirmed that Ajento Baba, market master for Wat was taken to the Nkambe hospital in a pool of blood after he was allegedly attacked by some CPDM rascals. (we are still investigating into the matter).

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