Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Nigerian University Don Replies Trump, Says Buhari is Lifeful Not Lifeless

A university lecturer has reacted to viral rumours that the controversial American president, Trump referred to Buhari as being lifeless after their encounter.
The Montevideo conference of 1933 has spelled out indices for nations to be recognized, independent, free and stand in their own rights as sovereign states. Hence, once a state meets the requirements as postulated in the conference of 1933, it becomes a state to reckoned with among the comity of states and enjoys privileges like respect and honor from it counterparts. 
 Invariably, it is worthy to note that, no nation is independent of others, that means, interdependence and symbiotic relationship between climes make the world to progress.
 Unfortunately, great powers like US look down on Afrikaans and African nations. These neo-racist views on Africa leadership and leaders must stop, if the pact of Montevideo conference must be respected and followed respectively. 
About the comment made by the US government, quoted in New York Times and published by the same media house based in hub of the world greatest country USA as stated thus; "I will not want to meet a president as lifeless as president Buhari" if this statement is true, and if the America government actually said this crap words, then the United States has failed in its role as global hegemonic power, or as police of the world. 
As a concerned Nigerian, who doesn't allow party affiliation and leadership skills of leaders to becloud my sense of reasoning, and as an academician, who believes in building the image of the nation through writings that are relevant to our foreign image and national and international views of the nation in the global table of analysis.
I am therefore left with no option than to describe the words credited to US government to the nation as an absolute inverity, involute, crass, irrelevant and irritating to say the least. 
This can further be described as hegemonic incompetence from a leader who ought to be leader to all the nations. The description of the president Buhari as "lifeless " is inconsistent with reality of respect acceptable among leaders.
If he Buhari is lifeless, why did the US government entered into agricultural relations with the Nigerian state? Why did he the president of America choose to invite the lifeless president to the White House, as the first leader from Sub-Saharan Africa to visit him since his inception to power as the 45th POTUS of US? Why did he say all the good things he said to president Buhari during their eventful discus at Rose garden media chat with him?
There are so many rhetorical questions to be asked about this lifeless statement saga. I see this statement as distraction from the United States of America to Africa and Nigeria in order not to help Afrikaans as promised or supposed as a world hegemon. The US government must have a rethink over this unfortunate comment in New York Times.
To the youths celebrating this ill comment, either because of their dislikes on the style of leadership of the president, I want them to have a rethink; there are certain things that must unite us as a nation, that's our core national interest.
What is said is to the nation, not just directed to the image of Buhari, the statement has a multiple effects to the image of the nation. If you accept that statement because of the personality of the president you don't admire, that shows that we are all lifeless people in Nigeria. That statement if true has dent and stained our image among the comity of states. 
The PDP is expected to write a rejoinder immediately, condemning that statement made by the US government. The statement was directed to the leader of nation who is also the image of the nation. 
The 91 registered political parties must write to condemn this egregious statement directed to the nation in general. 
While the APC should not take this issue personal, the president is national image and represent all of us across the creeds and regions, he belongs to everyone no matter the national divides as multi lingua country and multi ethnic as well. It will be good for haters and lovers, hailers and wailers, PDP and APC, stakeholders, clergies, academicians, friends of the nation, members of the diplomatic Corp, corporate and multi nationals to come out openly and kick against the potency of the comments made. 
The tag lifeless is not good at all, he was elected by people full of of life, or is he telling us that the over 15 million Nigerians that voted for the president in 2015 are also lifeless? This is a bad omen and retrogression to us as people. 
The US government must come out in good time to take responsibility for this statement or condemned it as well, if it is false and fallacy. 

I will recommend that all Nigerians in diaspora and at home to come up with an anti-lifeless harsh tag #Buhariisnotlifeless
This is because, no one will build image of this nation for us, it is our total responsibility and mandate to project the burgeoning image of our nation. 
 Undoubtedly, we may have our numerous challenges as a people and differences, but we must learn to have the spirit of togetherness and oneness as an indivisible people to stop any forms of divisiveness such as this "lifeless" quagmire.
This thought is shared out of patriotism to the country, I am strong advocate of a better Nigeria, I look forward to seeing us uniting to building our national images across the globe. 
The ministry of foreign affairs, the Nigerian ambassador to the US and all other diplomats representing the nation all over the globe must preach this in all our embassies. "we are not a lifeless people and we don't have a lifeless president #PMBisnotlifeless”

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and make us a great country amen. 

Rwang Patrick Stephen 
Department of political science 
Federal University of Kashere Gombe state 
Northeast Nigeria. 


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