Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Political Fishermania: Celestin Djamen Crisscrosses Carpet, Dumps Fru Ndi for Kamto

Celestin Djamen has resigned from the SDF to join CRM OF Maurice Kamto where he has been named National Secretary for Human Rights. Djamen whose ambitions to take over the post of Regional chairman of the SDF in the Littoral and post of National Vice chairman of the SDF flopped has decided to quit. Though SDF officials say his departure is non event. Expressionists have interpreted his departure at this very crucial moment as symbiotic.
Djamen during a briefing in Yaounde said he left the SDF ship because the values he believed in were no longer the same today.  He was however so excited to explode that he believes that with his new party, power alternation is at hand. Since politicians are who they are, Djamen continued that Kamto’s party will offer what Cameroonians could not have in 36 years.
However, on August 8, 2018, Jean Robert Wafo, the shadow minister of the SDF in charge of information and media rubbishes Djamen’s departure. Here are the main excerpts: "Célestin Djamen has just declared that he has resigned from Sdf. The reasons given for trying to justify his act are sadly empty. Wafo noted that during the Congress of 2018, Djamen wanted to contest for the post of 4th National Vice President of the party but unfortunately he was disqualified for the non-payment of the statutory contributions - condition sine qua non to be invested – Since then Wafo added, he has been a grassroots activist and has no responsibility in the cell, in the electoral district, in the regional office, in the National Executive Committee, let alone in the SDF presidential campaign team. “No structure can therefore be affected by his departure” he concluded.
However, it is worthy to note that when Djamen was living in France, he had never spared his efforts to attend the SDF National Convention. Severally, he even tried to contest for the post of National chairman of the party and before the last convention; he was even NEC member and secretary or so for human rights in the SDF. Maybe, Wafo even fail short to mention that Djamen was SDF councilor.

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