Sunday, March 24, 2013


   By a Correspondent.
            Some 15 students of Government Bilingual High School ( GBHS) MISAJE, Donga-Mantung Division of the North West Region have of recent been slammed an indefinite suspension by the school’s Disciplinary Council that was unusually attended by parents to these students.
            Following a succinct report presented to the parents and the council, where some prominent clergymen were invited, the Principal, Mrs. Monica Nchuwa Yuki disclosed that the said students had been caught in a web of gross indiscipline that destabilized the smooth functioning of the school in the name of religion. She said some senior students led by Divine Lukong Bongajum, Daniel Tatu and Cosmas Nfor ( Upper sixth students) had been derailing students especially students of junior classes and causing them obstinate in what rather seemed occultism practices.
            The Principal who was corroborated by the Senior Master Of Discipline, Godlove Ndoumba narrated that the concerned students had recorded notorious absenteeism; gross insolence, and outright disrespect of teachers and members of administration. “The students for the past few weeks had openly taunted the school Rules and Regulations with dumfounding quotations from the Bible, a situation that must be nibbed in the bud” exposed by the Principal.
            The Senior Master of Discipline, Mr. Godlove Ndoumba revealed that the outburst of the unusual religious practices on campus was the several complains lodged by parents on the sudden negative behavioural change in the children. He said, for the past few days, parents had wept profusely in his office on the account of this. He added that the students had transferred religious fanatism to school.
            Then rose Mrs. Roseline Ande, mother to one of the victims, Lista Ande. She revealed that from birth her son had been too obedient and respectful until two weeks ago that he suddenly became too obstinate. “he refuses to carry the ‘shaa’(cornbeer) to the market as usual, describing me as evil and agent of the devil. He has hardly been at home again on time;…” she could not conclude when she burst into tears.
            In the same vein, the mother to another veronica Tata who had earlier on detained her daughter and her leader Divine Lukong in the Misaje Gendarmarie, narrated the same ordeal. She said, amidst tears, a lot of public humiliation from her daughter who addressed her names. The said daughter had recently moved up to the school administration and insolently told them she would no longer write the GCE Ordinary Level she had registered because she frauded her birth certificate. She told the Master of Discipline “ I can loose my education and even my parents to gain salvation.”
            Despite all the counseling by the school administration, parents and the clergymen, the students vowed to stick to their new found religion. The students were said to have been practicing all these under some three different sects: the Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMFI); Deeper Life Church and Full Gospel Church , all new arrivals in Misaje town.
            What was disturbing was that their behaviours were far different from those of the followers of the above sects elsewhere. Also surprising to the school administration was that for over two weeks hullabaloo with the students and parents, with some of the parents attacking believers in their churches to rescue their chidren, none of the churches’ leaders or Evangelists came to school to find pout the situation. It is suspected that the leaders used hypnotic means on the children.
            So, quoting article 19/3 of the school rules and regulations that sanctions insolence disobedience to parents and school authorities; occultism and other intoxicating religion in school, and relating to a sometime ministerial text barring unhealthy religious worships in schools, the council adopted the indefinite suspension of the 15 students to spare the rest of the students. Equally, some parents openly denounced their children, promising to officially surrender their children to the various church authorities to continue with their education and welfare.
            Meanwhile, the D.O for Misaje to see the end especially as public peace is threatened. In a follow-up meeting on Saturday, 23rd March, 2013, the D.O cautioned the men of God to ensure that their religions advocated peace rather incite troubles in homes. He insisted that parents had the right and control over their children until when they are independent. Although the Principal and her collaborators stood their grounds, the men of God were given the opportunity to go and reconcile the children with their parents before pleading with the school to reverse the decision.

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