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Senatorial Challenges: Senatorial Hopeful Nick Ngwanyam Writes to Donga Mantung Electorates

Mbangfon Dr. Nick Ngwanyam: The Early bird

Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, one of the early birds who declared his candidature for the April 14, 2013 senatorial elections in Cameroon has written to the people of Donga Mantung Division. Dr. Nick Ngwanyam in his message pleaded on the councilors of the five council areas that make up Donga Mantung Division to vote wisely, for the future and not for people who would give them “money, meat or rice”. He reminded councilors that senate is not a place for retired parliamentarians and or civil servants.

Full message below:
I wish to sincerely congratulate all of you for the good job that you have been doing in our council areas all these years. You have been development oriented, educating the public and above all making a lot of sacrifices.
As you would have noticed, there is a lot of work to be done. You cannot do everything single handedly. We also need to be working at different levels in our communities and country to be effective. The senate has come to be part of the development exercise. It has come to stay.
If senate is necessary, it is because parliament was important but not effective and efficient in everything. Senate is not a replica of parliament. It is not a place either to which retired parliamentarians and civil servants graduate to. It is a place where a spade is called a spade. For that you need men and women of character who know what the common man feels.
It should be people of honor and truth where the guiding principle is the desire to see the truth prevail and also to fight that common good take precedence over greed and selfishness. People with strong personal interest have no place in the senate.
It would not be good for you to vote someone into senate because he gave you money, beer and rice. Vote because you are convinced the person can help the nation, the youths, the women, our agriculture, our health, and educational systems, our Ring Road and so on. Vote for someone who has demonstrated the capacity to lead and to have things done. Someone who has achieved something in his or her personal life will also do well for others if he has a giving spirit.
We shall have only one or two senators for Donga Mantung Division. He shall be either SDF or CPDM. As you see, it does not matter the party he or she comes from. What is important is the capacity to deliver on the expectations of the people. It is about the people and their aspirations. Let us forget about our party positions and party discipline and vote for progress. Let us vote for our future by voting in the right senatorial candidates. We are voting for the development of Donga and Mantung Division. Let us all vote together as one to show the world that Donga Mantung sons and daughters understand what is at stake and know progress, peace and development when they see it. Let us be the first and not the last. Let us show the world that we are mature.
As you know, H.E Christian Cardinal Tumi has been teaching me and watching me grow since 1993 when I left from Bertoua. You also know that he is a man of few words who does not praise people. He only states what he knows and what is good for his flock. He has state without any doubts that he thinks I am a good leader, a good senator and a good citizen. He knows that I will bring God’s light to shine in our politics, country, development and management. He knows that what we need in this country is for the truth to prevail over darkness. That is why he has recommended and backed me as a senator. He has not done so for any other person yet. If there are other candidates who match my criteria, he would certainly do the same for them. As you see I am the number one senator coming from Donga Mantung Division and we aught to be proud that our own son shines in the crowd.
The fons of the North West also stated the same facts on the 14th of November in no mistakable terms. We also have many associations in France, Belgium, America and Germany who have been supportive to your son all these years and they hold the same opinions. The readership of The Guardian Post News Paper has voted me three times as someone who cares about other human beings. They say I am a winner when it comes to service to humanity. The last one came about because of the scholarships that I have given to your sons and daughters in Donga Mantung and beyond. These amount to close to 85.2 million frs in the last five years. I want Donga and Manyung to come first in this country when it comes to the trained health personnel working in Cameroon and abroad. This is your own gift that God has given us through your very son Ngwanyam.
What else can I tell you? I could go on and on. I would just have to say that when it comes to the next parliamentary and council elections, we should also vote with our heads and not with our stomachs. If you want rapid development and progress, vote Ngwanyam for senate. Remember I will fight for the “Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry” to be sent to Nkambe, Ako, Misaje and Mbaw Plain. Remember I have been fighting tooth and nail for our Ring Road. The fight would be more intensified with your senator.
God Bless Donga Mantung Division.

Your son and senatorial hopeful,
Nick Ngwanyam, MD
CEO St. Louis University of Health and Biomedical Science

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