Thursday, March 14, 2013

Senatorial Election: Achidi Achu Heads CPDM Final List for NW

Rt. Hon. Achidi Achu: Heading CPDM List?
The Rt. Hon. Simon Achidi Achu has been selected by the Central Committee of the CPDM to be the list leader for candidates of the North West Region. Sources linked to the Central Committee hinted that the final selection was done at the Presidency of the Republic. According to the hint, the final list of CPDM senatorial candidates for North West includes, Ngi Christopher N from Ako, Wallang Akwo David from Wum, Wanlo John from Bum, Awanga Zacharia from Oshie-Ngie, Eno Emma Lafon from Kumbo and Dingha Ignatius from Balikumbat.
Allegations are rife at that this was a list former submitted by Fon Chafah Isaac of Bangolang. According to what we gathered the Central Committee had just to remove Fon Chafah’s name which was replaced with Simon Achidi Achu and also Dingha Ignatius was brought in to replace Dr. Doh Anderson. The maneuvers according to what we gathered are creating a lot of controversy among North West CPDM politicians. With "Old Fox" (Achidi Achu) Pa politics na njangi sources hinted implies that the SDF will surely win all the seven seats in the region. Sources say the SDF is already celebrating victory. It is also aired that if Fon Chafah was allowed as head of the list, the SDF would have had it rough but following negotiations between Ni John Fru Ndi and Belinga Eboutou, the CPDM had no other option than to use Achidi Achu as the drum cart.
The Three Lists Initially Submitted Through Agbor Tabi: (Below)
Here below are the three lists earlier submitted by Senatorial aspirants from the North West Region to the Central Committee of the CPDM. The lists were headed by Fon Chafah, Achidi Achu and Dr. Nick Ngwanyam.

LIST I :  Headed by Fon Chafah Isaac
Ngoketunjia : (Substantive) Fon Chafah Isaac
(Alternate ) Pimpo Margarette
Momo : (S) Awanga Zacharia
(A) Raphael Nkuah
Boyo : (S) Wanlo John
(A) Ma Ndim Prudentia
Menchum : (S) Wallang David Akwo
(A) Ihimbru Kangeli
Donga Mantung : (S) Ngie Christopher
(A) Pr Njikong Stephen
Bui : (S) Emma Eno Lafon
(A) Shang Kinyuh Emerentia
Mezam : (S) Pr Doh Anderson Sama
(A) Mbangwana Lucy

LISTE II : Headed by John Begheni Ndeh
Mezam : (S) John Begheni Ndeh
(A) Mbah Miriam
Bui : (S) Fai Yengo Francis
(A) Mbinglo Francis
Ngoketunjia : (S) Nwana Sama Bernard
(A) Chindong David
Momo : (S) Oteh Emmanuel
(A) Adamu Beckley Philomena
Boyo : (S) Dr Ngam Eric Tosah
Menchum : (S)
Donga Mantung : (S)

LISTE III : Headed by Simon Achidi Achu
Mezam : (S) Simon Achidi Achu
(A) Fon Nana Wanda Théodore de Bawock
Bui : (S) Forgwe Alfred
Ngoketunjia : (S) Dingha Ignatius
(A) Chenwei Theresa
Momo : (S) Fon Teche Njei de Ngyen Muwah
(A) Fombi Ephraim
Boyo : (S) Albert Waingeh
(A) Wango
Menchum : (S) J C Kangkolo
Donga Mantung : (S) Jean René Ngala
(A) Mme Chebonkeng

LISTE IV : Headed by Dr. Nick Ngwanyam
Donga Mantung : (S) Nick Ngwanyam
(A) Mme Tangie Mofor Elizabeth
Mezam : (S) Fon Dr Doh Gayongha
(A) Comfort Bei Njei
Bui : (S) Nsairun Bongfen Godfrey
(A)Ndum Assumpta Sumenang
Ngoketunjia : (S) Yenkong Jackeline
(A) Ndiforchowara Denis
Momo : (S) Awetua Samuel
(A) Doreen Fonjong
Boyo : (S) Eric Yuah
(A) Achasih Walters
Menchum : (S) Chuo Cyprien Akwo
(A) Mme Kum née Grace Azie Afu

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