Friday, March 15, 2013

Senatorial: SDF Vs CPDM in NW, Challenges of Santa Mafia Headed by Achidi Achu, Fru Ndi

By Fai Cassian Ndi
Fru Ndi and Achidi (Santa Mafia at work) Who will emerge?
As former PM and Member of the Central Committee, Pa Achidi Achu would have folded his arms and wait for Biya to appoint him. But he folded his sleeves and moved into the contest. Fortunately, he was designated as the list leader for the CPDM in the North West Region. He represents the interest of Mezam even though he is from Santa like SDF National Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi. The choice of Pa Achu as head of the CPDM list for North West wasn’t by error. He and Ni John Fru Ndi, leading the SDF list are of the so-called Santa Mafia. If senators were voted by ordinary people, no one would challenge Fru Ndi in the North West Region. That is an indisputable fact. Fru Ndi heads one of the most realistic lists nationwide. Yet what is surprising is the unexplained reasons of Fru Ndi gunning for elections when he had earlier called on SDF militants to sharpen their cutlasses for a show-down. Was it part of the Santa Mafia? Is it for this reason that Achidi Achu was chosen as head of the CPDM list so much that tomorrow Fru Ndi will not go out fighting with his kinsman? Or it is a plan agreed upon by Fru Ndi and Belinga Eboutou in Yaounde? These and more are the questions on everyone’s lip in the North West Region. Following the 2007 Municipal elections result, the SDF had a deficit of 11 councilors as compared to the CPDM party. However, some councilors resigned from both political parties, some lost their status because they were either appointed or arrested. While elecam is still working on the final list of the Electoral College which is made up of only councilors, it is believed that except the unexpected happens, no political party will have an absolute majority.
SDF Probabilities!
Fru Ndi versus Achidi Achu (Mezam) Ni John Fru as hinted is head of the SDF list for senate. He represents the interest of Mezam where the SDF of 2007 results has 194 councilors as against 45 for the CPDM. Yet with Achidi Achu as contender on CPDM ticket, what transpired during the 2007 Municipal and Legislative elections in Santa may likely repeat itself. The SDF won the lone parliamentary seat by one vote and the council was shared. That, they say is the unexpected of the Santa Mafia. However, in Mezam, SDF runs Bafut, Tubah, Bamenda I, II and III Councils while the CPDM runs only Bali Council. Fru Ndi may easily get some few votes from Bali giving that Doh Anderson’s name was erased for Achidi Achu to emerge. This how makes it difficult for CPDM. However, Achidi AChu would need extra resources and energy to convince more councilors.
Prof. Nkwi versus Wanlo John (Boyo) Prof. Nkwi represents the interest of Boyo. The SDF runs the Fundong, Njinikom and Belo Council with 91 councilors as against 25 for CPDM at the starting block in 2007. But since then many things have happened, allegations are rife that over eight councilors resigned and some also died. Fonfuka Council is the lone CPDM council in Boyo. Nkwi may likely have an easy ride. Prof. Nkwi will have to face the all powerful Wanlo John, the mayor of Fonfuka who is CPDM candidate. Yet some councilors died and some resigned.   
Atekwana Joseph Versus Awanga Zacharia (Momo).Atekwana Joseph hails from Njikwa and will represent the interest of Momo. SDF run councilors in Momo is Batibo while the Mbengwi Council is shared between three political parties, SDF, CPDM and AFP with one councilor. Widikum, Andek and Ngie are under the CPDM. Pa Atekwana will have to work very hard giving that some SDF councilors in Mbengwi also resigned while some died in all the councils. Pa Atekwana will go to the challenge with his tribesman Awanga Zacharia (business magnet) and Central Committee member of the CPDM who is also candidate.
Njong Donatus Versus Eno Emma Lafon (Bui). The no-nonsense mayor of Kumbo, Njong Donatus is the man to defend the interest of Bui. If not because of the so-called party allegiance, all the councils in Bui will vote Njong. But following the 2007 results, the CPDM has 126 councilors as against 76 for the SDF. The SDF runs Kumbo and Nkum councils while the CPDM run councils are Elak-Oku, Nkor, Mbiame and Jakiri. Elak and Nkor being the fief of PM Yang which further complicate things for the SDF. However, Njong could emerge victorious giving his trappings as mayor of Kumbo. Njong will lock horns with Eno Emma Lafon who is CPDM candidate representing the interest of Bui for his party.
Ofone Mathias Vs Wallang David (Menchum) Ofone Mathias will represent the interest of the SDF in Menchum. All the 110 councilors elected in the 2007 are CPDM. The Zhoa, Benakuma, Wum and Fura-awa are under the CPDM. However, some councilors died out of the above number. Ofone would need extra resources and energy to secure votes even though he is a political dynamo. Ofone Mathias will have as contender for the CPDM party Wallang Akwo David, who himself is a member of the Central Committee.
Cheka Gladys Vs Jikong Stephen (Donga Mantung). Cheka Gladys is the lone female candidate in the group of seven aspirants on SDF ticket for senate. She will be representing the interest of Donga Mantung as Hon. Esther Ngala did in the 2007 Legislative and finally emerged victorious. The CPDM from the 2007 results had 91 councilors while the SDF had only 82. However, some of the councilors died and some resigned from their parties while others like Calistus Gentry were appointed into government. The margin presently might not be much and as a matter of fact, the CPDM runs Nwa, Misaje and Ako while the SDF run councils are Ndu and Nkambe. It therefore implies that for Cheka to excel the SDF would bank on people like Hon. Awudu Mbaya and Mangoh Jones who are grassroot politicians with excellent abilities to convince. Cheka Gladys will have to face Jikong Stephen (Ngi Christopher) CPDM candidates on April 14, 2013.
Tabali Bernard Vs Dingha Ignatius (Ngoketunjia). SDF runs only Babessi council with 35 councilors as against the CPDM with Balikumbat and Ndop councils with 72 councilors following 2007 election results. Yet, some councilors have died and some were arrested. Tabali Bernard who is also a former mayor of Ndop is SDF candidate; he knows well council gimmicks to the point that he is a heavyweight. He is however going to contest with CPDM candidate, Dingha Ignatius another heavyweight. Expectations are high and the setbacks could play on both sides.

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