Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hon. Wirngo Buba Storms Wasi in Jakiri with Micro Project Grants


Hon Wirngo handing 20 bags of cement
There was seventh heaven at Wasi in Jakiri Sub Division on March 29, 2013 when Hon. Wirngo Buba Kiboh stormed the area with parliamentary grants. Hon Wirngo Buba and his delegation were received at the entrance to the village by over 300 people. Dancing and singing took the central stage of the visit and what could not be said in speeches was sung in songs. In what was described by observers as groundbreaking, Hon. Wirngo Buba Kiboh donated one tone of cement (20 bags) for the construction of the village community hall, bundles of zinc for the roofing of the Presbyterian Church and the Mosque. In his largess, the youths were not left out; he donated sport equipment to two football teams. The spotting equipment include amongst others, sets of jersey, football sucks and balls. Youths from the neigbouring Ber also received their support of sporting materials for their soccer team. Alongside, Hon. Wirngo used the opportunity to announce the launching of a football tournament in May 2013 with a cash price of 700.000 FCFA whose total cost is estimated at more than a million FCFA. 
Before handing the goodies to the beneficiary, the CPDM Member of Parliament for Jakiri expressed gratitude to the population for the trust and confidence they have in President Paul Biya and the CPDM. Wirngo Buba also thanked Wasi people for registering massively and reminded those who have not yet   “It is better we all join hands to develop our municipality, sub Division, Division, Region and the nation” Hon. Wirngo added. He also said that the priority of priorities is that the village of Wasi should have potable water. “Water and electricity must come to your doorsteps and I have been working to make sure that there is water for Wasi”, he emphasized. Thunderous applauds followed as the MP unveiled what he has been able to lobby and or finance from his pocket for the people of Jakiri. “Let me tell you that you voted me as your hunter and I have been in the bush hunting”, and we are here today to jubilate over what we have been able to get for ourselves.
decamped militants dressed in cpdm t-shirts
registered to do so as March 29 is latest date. He said Wasi is always top on his development agenda reasons why all the Primary schools in the area were the first to benefit from his largess to schools. He said during his first year in Parliament he lobbied and obtained classrooms for all the four primary schools in Wasi and Ber, (Islamic schools included) as well as benches. To Wirngo Buba, nothing is so important today more than having a sound education. He also mentioned the grading of the road Wasi-Ber, Wasi-Noi-Jakiri. He used the opportunity to castigate victimization in politics and added that politics is a way to foster development efforts and not hatred. Wirngo Buba called on the population to shy away from destructive politics in order to live a harmonious life with their neighbors. “Those who preach politics of hatred, promote politics of acrimony and victimization are enemies of progress not developers” he told the population.
Welcoming the ma who many described as the political messiah for Jakiri sub Division, the quarter head of Wasi could hide his feelings when he exploded that for the first time Wasi has been able to have the taste of   Shufai Poshie in his words said the population of Wasi will spare no efforts to accompany Hon. Wirngo Buba back to Parliament. Accordingly, Shufai Poshie was categorical that come sun or rain, Wasi people will make sure that Hon. Wirngo goes back to the glass house. He congratulated the Member of Parliament for Jakiri for the support to schools in the sub division. He made mentioned of the construction of classrooms for Islamic Schools in Wasi-Ber, GS Wasi and the over 300 benches to schools in Wasi and Ber and 1000 others shared by the MP to schools in the municipality. He however noted that if water is life, Wasi, he said is lifeless. “The water we drink here is contaminated and we are looking up to you to give us life” he reechoed. “We the people of Wasi wish that when you go back to Parliament, you should be appointed Speaker and or why not Minister”. Shufai Poshie reiterated.
elated youths/football team of Ber
micro project.
On his part, CPDM Section President for Bui IV- Jakiri, Tata Francis thanked the people of Wasi for having trust in someone like Hon. Wirngo who is empowering people how to catch fish and not giving them fish. He said that time has come for the people to use the scale of the SDF to rate, the 10 years of the SDF in the council and Parliament with the five years of the CPDM. According to Tata Francis, it is better to go to the source than going to those who will beg. The CPDM he said is at the source reasons why they have to vote Hon. Wirngo back to Parliament.
150 CDU, SDF Militants Decamp
The trip to Wasi became emblematic when a former strong man of the CDU party decamped to join the CPDM. Nginjo Salitu Njoya led the CDU delegation that decamped while Audu Vernyuy championed decamped militants from the SDF party. The women of Bangabong group who were formerly in the CDU also joined the bandwagon to move to CPDM.

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An example for other MPs to emulate in order to win the minds of their constituents again

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An example for other MPs to copy especially as their mandate which long expired has finally come to an end.