Monday, March 4, 2013

Bum CPDM Set for Senatorial Showdown

By Marcel Kwallar 
Bum Sub Division has always been described as the bastion of the CPDM party in Boyo Division. Fonfuka Council is the only CPDM run council in Boyo. As Agbor Tabi will be leading a team to the North West Region to invest CPDM list, confidential sources hinted that for sake of justice and merit, the list for Boyo should be headed by a candidate from Bum Sub Division. The mayor of Fonfuka on his part told this reporter that consultations are ongoing for the people of Bum to choose a unique candidate. He added that councilors of Fonfuka jubilated when President Biya announced Senatorial elections for April 14, 2013. Wanlo John Chiamua corroborated that councilors of Fonfuka council are ready for the showdown and that they are looking at the hierarchy of the party for ample information.
Public opinion in Bum holds that since Agbor Tabi has proven that he is transparent and credible, they will rely on him to be objective in selecting candidates as head of the Central Committee delegation to the North West Region. Yet it is feared in Bum that Bochong Francis Nkwain may play the ostrich to deprive the people of Bum from benefiting from what they have stood for, that is their loyalty to the CPDM. Besides, it should be recalled that Bochong Francis Nkwain is head of the Central Committee to the South West Region and he could likely influence Agbor Tabi to select someone from Kom in place of Bum. But since Abgor Tabi knows so well that he plays the wrong game and his decision is reversed by Jean Kwete or Paul Biya, he may likely be putting in danger his Prime ministerial ambitions. Something worse would happen to him because he (Agbor Tabi) would enter President Biya’s Black Book for embarrassing him and the CPDM. If Bum is neglected, an authoritative voice hinted, Agbor Tabi would thus be creating problems than solving them. Knowing fully well that Fru Ndi has been ignored because Biya wanted to compensate his grass root allies, an act that spoils others would be a million times worse. History holds that Bochong Nkwain had always sworn by the words similar to those of King Solomon who took over from his father King David (when Bum is concerned). It would therefore implies that instead of beating the people of Bum with a “whip”, Agbor Tabi would have beaten them with the “scorpion”. But the truth as we gathered is that Agbor Tabi is someone who doesn’t measure administration with a ruler because he doesn’t first of all acts like an administrator who like all the bad judges applies the letter and not the spirit of the laws. Agbor Tabi being the head of the delegation to the North West practices administration with a human face. A fact that can be confirmed by all those who have worked with him, lived with him and have been following him closely in all political assignments.
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