Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Groundbreaking CPDM Celebration in Misaje, Paul Biya, Fuh Calistus Hailed for Development Powress

By FC Junior
Minister Fuh Calistus with Mic surrounded by party exco and their new catch
There was fanfare and elation in Misaje on March 24, 2013 as militants and sympathizers of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement-CPDM gathered in their numbers to celebrate 28 years of continued existence.  
Addressing the crowd at the Misaje Grandstand, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry who doubles as the Divisional Supervisory and Support Committee for the Recompilation of voters Registers expressed satisfaction on the ongoing biometric registration. Minister Fuh Calistus said over eighty thousand voters have already registered ahead of the Municipal and Legislative elections. While thanking all those who have registered, Dr. Fuh Calistus called on those who have not registered to so before March 29, 2013. He said the transition from the SDF to the CPDM some six years ago has changed the lives in the municipality positively. According to the Secretary of State for Mines, Industries and Technological Development, the partnership between the people of Misaje and the ruling CPDM is the source of development. “Would like to go to someone who will go and beg before coming to give you than being at the source, he questioned. The CPDM, Minister Fuh Calistus added is a veritable partner in development for the people of Misaje reasons why he said the people should remain steadfast and committed in support of President Paul Biya. To Fuh Calistus, the SDF is down into the doldrums in Donga Mantung Division. And accordingly, he warned that Misaje is not a fertile ground for political adventurers. “Even though politics they say is a dirty game, we should harvest where we sow because we are not going to accept political adventurers. Any politician who loves his people should always be with them and not only surface when votes are needed” he emphasized. He said a party that was created out of vexation like the SDF has no place in Misaje. According to Minister Fuh Calistus, the SDF was created because Fru Ndi was defeated in an election by Achidi Achu. “We are not going to be fighting with cutlasses on thecontrary, we will proof our worth through the ballot box”, he hammered. He said that it is the votes that are bringing the development in Misaje. Contrary to rumours that Misaje CPDM is scattered and divided,  Dr. Calistus said they are working as a team.
Celebrating Development
 Dr. Fuh Calistus in his 28th anniversary speech said the people of Misaje were celebrating a veritable development partnership with the ruling party. He said some six years ago, Misaje had just one Government Secondary School and today, there is a Government Bilingual High School, Government Technical High School as well as the creation of many primary schools and five secondary schools in the Municipality. He said within six years of loyalty to the ruling CPDM, Misaje has registered tremedious strides in the domain of roads, rural electrification, infrastructure such as the Misaje Multi Media center. He also announced that government has approved the tarring of streets in Misaje and Nkambe, the construction of a bridge linking Nigeria worth over 90 million FCFA, the road Akweto-Mayokila, the road to Bem and the Misaje –Abeng road. He also stressed out that plans are underway for a 38 kilometers road from Misaje to Katsina which will make the municipality a road junction in Donga Mantung Division. On the construction of the Ring Road and the Misaje-Nkor-Oku road, Dr. Fuh Calistus reminded the population that more funds have been allocated for the said road. He observed that access to water in Misaje is over 99.9%, which according to the Minister is the result of the fruitful partnership with the CPDM. He called on the population to chase out the CPDM from their midst.
On his part the Section President Mbgata Sammy Nforkemba said that appointment of sons and daughters of the North West Region in posts of responsibilities as well as the numerous projects are true testimonies of the partnership and alliance with the ruling party. According to Mbgata Sammy, this year’s anniversary is coupled with a lot of challenges which calls for more loyalty and commitment. He used the occasion to salute in a special way the dynamism of the head of the Central Committee delegate to Donga Mantung Division on voter’s registration Dr. Fuh Calistus whose efforts have influence massive registration in the Division. He said that Misaje is a veritable terrain for political plurality, “ But I want to assure you that Misaje does not accommodate political adventurers whom as a result of the fact that they hail from this place, claim political responsibility in disguise for selfish and personal interest”, Mbgata added. He also called on all those aspiring to do politics in Misaje to revisit their political agenda to suit the wishes and aspirations of the people. Like Oliver Twist, after numerating the numerous projects realized by the ruling party for the people of Misaje, Mbgata Sammy said Misaje people will not hesitate to request for the creation of more farms to market roads, the extension of Misaje rural electricity program to the AES SONEL grid in Nkambe, the re-opening of the Dumbu Customs Post, the creation of a secondary school in Bebe area, and the completion of the road Kidung-Akweto.
Former SDF District Secretary Decamps.
Fon Ngwang Kwajo Chris, formerly SDF District Secretary for Misaje was the new catch by the CPDM in Misaje. The Fon of Mbessa village who had played the 9th shirt in the SDF for the past 14 years decided to dump the SDF for CPDM. He was decorated in CPDM outfit by Madame Sally Gentry with the admiration of the population. Dr. Fuh Calistus used the opportunity to call on those still in the opposition to join the bandwagon of the CPDM for meaningful development in Misaje. He said former SDF District Secretary has made the right choice at the right time.

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