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Pedigree of Donga Mantung CPDM Bigwigs Ripe for Senate

On February 27, 2013, President Paul Biya signed a decree announcing the first ever Senatorial elections in Cameroon for April 14, 2013. According to the Constitutional provisions of the 1996 Constitution of Cameroon, which were later amended in 2008 the Senate has 100 members. The same provisions also gives the President of the Republic the prerogative to appoint 30 Senators while 70 others shall be elected by an electoral college made up of Municipal and Regional Councils. Since the convening of the electoral college on February 27, 2013, they have been varying and undercurrent positioning nationwide especially by militants of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement-CPDM. The positioning has shifted to a higher gear especially as Ni John Fru Ndi, leader of the main opposition in Cameroon is threatening to help President Biya spoil the country if (he) Biya cannot talk with his party. Fru Ndi's declaration has given some politicians hopes that they could also grasp the most essential by lobbying to go to senate. Northerners for example are already positioning themselves to grap the Presidency of the yet to be established senate. North West Fons Union a week ago shamelessly issued a motion of support urging President Biya to appoint one of them into the senate, certainly Fon Teche Njei (NOWEFU General President). This is certainly so because with the senate in place, the line of succession will move from the Speaker of the National Assembly to the President of the would-be senate.
Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region has not be left out in this mad rush into the senate. Even though the local SDF party has been silent over the issue within the CPDM, nocturnal meetings have taken to the stage. It is expected that if the worst comes to the worst, Donga Mantung Division will have one Senator yet CPDM militants are also sure to grap an additional position through appointment.
Who are the Potential Personalities 
Mbangfon Dr. Nick Ngwanyam:
Mbangfon Dr. Nick Ngwanyam has been described by bookmakers as the earliest bird in the country to have landed on the ground seeking for senatorial worms and since it is the earliest bird that eats the fattest worms, he is likely a sure bet. Since some people just made up their minds after President Biya announced senatorial elections for April 14, 2013 and more so some are still to, Dr. Nick Ngwanyam declared his intentions since 2008 when he had a discussion with Christian Cardinal Tumi. Since then, he has never given up a minute. It is apparently clear that he did not get up from sleep to declare his intentions. Though of the CPDM party, his critical views have always made some CPDM bigwigs of the Northwest Region very uncomfortable. Yet North West Fons endorsed his senatorial bid by crowning him Mbangfon. However, if appointed or elected, he is surely going to be a good senator for Donga Mantung Division. He hails from Ndu Sub Division and he is the Chief Executive Officer of St. Louis University Institute in Bamenda.
 Shey Jones Yembe
 Shey Jones Yembe is a Member of the Central Committee of the CPDM and former Secretary of State for Public Works, and then Planning and Regional Development. He served these two Ministries for 11 years and he is actually the Board Chairman of the Douala Port Authority. Since the senate is not a house for half baked intellectuals, Shey Jones fits to be one because he is wise, educated, has a wide range of experiences in different fields. Eventhough he has not declared his intentions, public opinion in Donga Mantung Division holds that if appointed or if he decides to go in for elections, he will make a good senator. Popular opinion says if not Shey Jones, who else can make a good senator for Donga Mantung Division. Because being a senator will better place him to make significant contribution towards nation building. He is another sure bet. Shey Jones hails from Binka village in Nkambe Central and he is also the CEO of Societe MAG

Prof. Jikong Stephen Yeriwa
HRH Prof. Jikong Stephen Yeriwa is a Member of the Central Committee of the CPDM. He is a traditional ruler (Fon of Jato village in Nwa Sub Division). He is a senior citizen who has served the country in various capacities. Started as a Primary school teacher, to a University don and Special Adviser in the Prime Minister's office. He is widely read, calm and soft-spoken too. It is perhaps for this reason that Nwa sub Division looks up to him as a visionary leader yet he has not declared his aspirations for senate. His political abilities are also an added value. If he declares his candidature he is likely to win giving that Nwa councilors who are of the CPDM could vote him and Ako/Misaje could sympathize with him as way for reasons of balance. 

Jean Rene Ngala
Jean Rene Ngala hails from Fuh in Ndu Sub Division. He is a militant of the CPDM and falls under the range of people with extraordinary abilities. Jean Rene Ngala has other advantages militating in his favour, he is widely known in the administrative cycle and as hinted he is having the backing of Rt. Hon. Simon Achidi Achu. Giving that the senate is the power house, there is no doubt that he will likely fit into it.

Adamu Musa
Adamu Musa is a household name in Cameroon. He enjoys alot of popularity as a journalist. He served at Cameroon Radio Television and made a name through Radio programmes like Cameroon Report, Cameroon Calling, Minute by Minute etc... Besides, he has also distinguished himself as a political strategist of the CPDM in Donga Mantung Division. He is a futurist politician and has the qualities of a senator. Adamu Musa hails from Binshua (Baraki) in Nkambe Central. His professional skills as a journalist puts him on the doorsteps of the senate. Since senate is not like Parliament where MPs pass much of their time sleeping and just get up to clap hands, Adamu Musa's alert nature makes him a favourite for the senate giving that he is able to make sound contributions. He is another sure bet that could easily be appointed.
Patience Tamfu 
Patience Tamfu is a devoted militant of the CPDM. She is the President of the Women Wing of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement in the United States of America. Besides, she is also a Member of the National Bureau of the CPDM in Cameroon. Considering the fact that she is a woman in active politics, she is also a sure bet for appointment. There is no gainsaying that if there is any woman in Donga Mantung whose abilities to act, construct and contribute towards nation building after the Beijing Conference, it would certainly on what she has done and has been doing. Patience Tamfu is a household name in Cameroon not because she is the daughter of former Statesman late HON. SN Tamfu but because she has proven beyond reasonable doubts that she can die and fight for the truth especially for the interest of the common man. The fact that she is based in the Diasporas is also an added advantage. If she could not be appointed from Donga Mantung, she could equally be appointed to represent the Diasporas in the Senate giving that the Diasporas have been clamouring for the creation of a Ministry that can serve their interest. In the Diasporas, her leadership qualities outmatches that of her peers and contemporaries. She practices th politics of inclusion, meaning that she makes sure that everyone is closer to her. She is therefore a sure bet. 

Dr. Mpouche Kisito
Dr. Mpouche Kisito hails from Misaje Sub Division. He is energetic and embedded with character and conscience. A strong militant of the CPDM that presents the aspirations of the majority of Misaje people. Being in the senate will certainly give Dr. Kisito that opportunity to make a sound contribution towards nation building. Even though it is alleged he declared his candidature for senate, it has not yet been made public. He has been described as a young politician who is one in and never out of season. He is always present in his constituency to dish out support to the needy from his hard earnings. He knows too well that is perfect to give than to receive knowing fully well that whatsoever one does to the least of God's children, one does it to God. Dr. Kisito is a likeable character and is admired by many young Cameroonians. He is another sure bet. 

Musa Shey Nfor
 History, especially of the Credit Union Movement in Cameroon will never be completed if the name of Musa Shey Nfor is written in golden letters. He hails from Ngwangri village in Nkambe Central. Musa Shey Nfor is a diehard supporter of the CPDM and he always part of the Central Committee delegation to Donga Mantung Division. Giving that the heart of every emerging nation depends on the micro finance sector, Musa Shey Nfor in his capacities as the President of the Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League-CamCCUL made that position enviable. He is also the President of the Bamenda Police Cooperative Credit Union-BAPCCUL. Unlike most politicians that uses top bottom approaches, Musa Shey Nfor represents the aspirations of the people in the villages, the poorest of the poor and the man on the street. He is a genuine intellectual and if appointed into senate, he will ensure that bills passed into law reflect, protects and the poorest of the poor. Besides, he is the National President of ANEMCAM and the delegate of the Chambers of Agriculture for North West Region. His agglomeration of skills in various fields makes him a sure bet for the senate. 

Ngafeeson Emmanuel Bantar
 Ngafeeson Emmanuel Bantar is a Member of the Central Committee of the CPDM. He has served the Biya government as Secretary of State in two Ministries. First as Secretary of State for National Education and then Secretary of State for Penitentiary Services. After serving ten years as a member of Government, Ngafeeson Emmanuel gathered alot of experience in varied domains. Being of the old school of thought in politics and since senate is a place for knowledgeable people, his appointment into the senate will not be a surprise o anyone. Ngafeeson Emmanuel Bantar hails from Sob village in Ndu Sub Division. The truth about this political dynamo is that for close to seven years, he nurtured the CPDM party in Mbumland alongside Shey Jones Yembe. If the CPDM has registered new impetus in the Division it is thanks to them. Ngafeeson has the aptitudes of being a senator. He is another sure bet.

Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry
 He is the Secretary of State for Mines, Industries and Technological Development. Appointed into government since September 2007, he has been described by many as the most formidable man of all men in action. Dr. Fuh Calistus is a certified miner and an expert in politics of inclusion. He is the new breed of politician with moral fibres. He hails from Chunghe village in Misaje Sub Division. He won elections in 2007 municipal and legislative in the Ako/Misaje Special Constituency before being appointed member of government. If members of government were to be appointed among the 30, his name featuring wouldn't be by a struck of luck. It will be by merit. He is a man who has been able to combine philanthropy and politics to sell the ideologies of the CPDM in Donga Mantung Division. The Gen Fund, African Model village project and MASTIF (scholarship fund) are some of his initiatives that continue to make him a man of the people. He is another sure bet.

HRH Nfor Benchep 
He is the fon of Binka village and a graduate in journalism. He served as 1st Deputy Mayor for Nkambe Council from 2007 up to 2012 when he dumped the SDF for the CPDM party. He is an experience councilor and has all the characteristics of a good politician. HRH Nfor Benchep is also a sure bet because he reads widely and he is also a learned man. He has a good mastery of the political landscape of Donga Mantung.

Mongusi Francis
 Mongusi Francis hails from Nwa sub Division. He is a militant of the CPDM and a councilor of Nwa Council. He has been militating in the CPDM since he was young. If he is nominated by his councilors as it is alleged, he would surely be elected. He enjoys the support of the Mayor of Nwa, Dr. Ngomfe Loma David and also that of Hon. JK Ntoi, CPDM Member of Parliament for Ako/Misaje Special Constituency. He is a rising politician whose abilities cannot be neglected. He may likely emerge from the madding crowd of rising politicians.

Ngi Christopher Ntoh
 He hails from Ako sub division and he is a militant of the CPDM party. Ngi Christopher is a former Divisional Delegate of Planning and Regional Development. His experience in this ministry is an added impetus if he becomes senator. Ngi Christopher it should also be noted is CPDM Central Committee Charge de Mission for Ako and has been working for the party for a long time. He is likely to be a good senator. He is also a good public speaker.

Ngwanyi Pius
 He is cadre in the Ministry of Basic Education. Ngwayi Pius is also a committed militant of the CPDM. He has served and continue to serve the CPDM in various capacities. Pa Ngwayi Pius is CPDM Central Committee Charge de mission to Donga Mantung Division for biometric registration. He could be a good senator and his candidature would not be a surprise. He hails from Binshua in Nkambe Central.

Joe Chebongkeng 
Joe Chebongkeng is the President of the CBC and an elite of Nwa. His trappings as the President of Nwa Cultural and Development Association are unbeaten. He is another emblematic candiate from Nwa. He is likely to be another candidate for Nwa and public opinion in Nwa holds so.

Backbuin David
Backbuin David is cadre at the Delegation of Agriculture and Rural Development, North West, a one-time Divisional Delegate of Agriculture for Donga Mantung Division. He is a councilor of Nwa Council. He has alot of experience in development issues. He is an asset.

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