Friday, March 1, 2013

Senatorial Challenges: NW Fons Union Scrambles for Appointments

North West Fons Union (NOWEFU), a one-time enviable and lobbying force in the North West Region grouping traditional rulers is wallowing in hypocrisy. The “royal beggars” as some of them have been tag-named have stage another controversial act that almost resulted to some of them being stoned with rotten tomatoes by angry youths. On Thursday February 28, 2013, NOWEFU fons led by its President General, Fon Teche Njei stormed the Governor’s office with a motion of support urging President Biya to appoint some of them into the senate. Northwesterners were again taken aback due to the fact that some months ago, the same fons declared publicly that they were all behind Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, one of the Senatorial Aspirant. Public opinion in the Northwest region is harsh and flabbergasted at the present NOWEFU President for playing the ostrich. One fon who spoke to this reporter on phone on grounds of anonymity frowned at his colleagues for their obnoxious behaviors. “Why have they so suddenly dumped their Mbangfon. I think this union has been transformed to something else”, he argued. What is however pathetic is based on the fact NOWEFU for the past years has only been heard of during public gathering and occasions like this, Fonchi Telia remarked. To Nfor Jeremiah, North West fons grouped under the umbrella of NOWEFU are a good example of bad leaders and will never stop to spring surprises.  
By issuing a motion of support for the president and asking him to appoint one of theirs into the senate, the fons have again confirmed that they are the “royal beggars”. Impressionists have described them as “the posts- hungry idiots clamouring for posts in the Senate”.
Another school of thought holds that PM Yang Philemon should be ready to collect these motions of support in order to publish a volume of the people’s cry for senate.

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