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Senatorial Challenges: ELECAM’s Fonkam Azu’u Advocates for Women

Dr. Fonkam Azu'u: President of Elections Cameroon
As latest date for submission of candidatures for April 14, 2013 Senatorial Elections in Cameroon approaches, the President of ELECAM has declared that any list without a female candidate will be disqualified. Dr. Fonkam Azu’u made the statement of radio while assessing the preparedness of Elections Cameroon for the upcoming senatorial elections. According to ELECAM boss, each region must portray gender sensitivity by including a female candidate on the list of candidates for Senatorial election.  Although the law does not mention the percentage, Dr. Fonkam Azu’u says “a list of only seven men is not gender sensitive so any of those lists which does not have a woman cannot be accepted because the law makes it obligatory that the list should be gender sensitive.”  Notwithstanding, it is feared that women will be reduced to the position of alternates due to the greediness of their male counterparts. Since Dr. Fonkam Azu’u never made it clear that at least a female substantive candidate is expected on each list, confidential sources hinted that plans are underway to deprive women by putting them on the various regional lists as alternate members on basis that much money will be needed for campaigns.  With such diabolic plans already in action, all eyes are towards President Biya who by the law has the prerogative to appoint 3 senators from each region. President Biya’s signature could bring the female folk to lime-light by appointing them as senators.
Yet he was unable to tell Cameroonians the exact number of identified number of voters. Since there are 360 councils in the country, the total number of councilors is estimated at 10,632 per the 2007 municipal polls. As per the result of the 2007 municipal election results, the CPDM party won the highest number of seats totaling 9,032, the SDF came second with 801 councilors, NUDP with 364 seats, CDU with 244, MDR with 128, UPC with 26, ADD with only 6 councilors and AFP with 01 Councilor.
ELECAM, Fonkam Azu’u said is still processing the data collected from the field given that some councilors died, some were arrested etc… Public opinion is question why it has taken that much for ELECAM to release the right and actual figures of the Electoral College. 
Not only is it a legitimate right for women to take part in decisions, President Biya himself is also making sure that women have a say at all levels. Of late, President Biya also appointed the first female to the position of Senior Divisional Officer. 

But who are actually some of the women who can make good senators? 

Yaou Aissatou (Northern Regions)
Formerly Minister of Women's Affairs. She hails from the Northern Region of Cameroon and a household name in the CPDM. She has alot of experience in politics and she is also a member of the Central Committee of the CPDM or something like that. In the North West Region for example, Patience Tamfu one of those political dynamos whose devotion, patriotism and attachment to republican institutions would make her a good senator. 

Patience Tamfu (North West Region)
Patience Tamfu hails from Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region. She is a member of the National Bureau of the Women's Wing of the CPDM and the President of WCPDM in the United States of America. If during the 2011 Presidential Elections the CPDM emerged victorious it is thanks to her efforts. She does not only coordinate the activities of the CPDM in the Diasporas but constantly travels back home to chip her contribution. She would certainly make a very good senator not only because she is a woman but because she has the capabilities. Public opinion holds that she is the best female senator from the North West Region. She knows the suffering of the masses and would represent the interest of the women in villages as well as the interest of the Diasporas.

Foning Francios (Littoral Region)
She is the mayor of Douala (5) and a prominent militant of the CPDM. Before the 2007 Municipal and Legislative elections, she was formerly Member of Parliament and Mayor, but the ax of the law on accumulation of positions came, she went in only as mayor. Foning is a vibrant militant of the CPDM. She would certainly represent the interest of women entrepreneurs as a senator. She is likely to make a good senator for the Littoral region. 

Courtes Ketch (West Region)
She is the award winning mayor of Bangangte Council in the West Region. A workaholic by nature and a perfectionist by her actions. She is one of the woman emancipators whose political activities have changed the lives of men, women and children. She could equally make a good senator. 

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