Friday, March 1, 2013

GBHS Nkambe Going (2) Clandestine Students Arrested and Detained

The reputation of Government Bilingual High School Nkambe on Wednesday February 26, 2013 took another heavy knock. The level of indiscipline at GBHS Nkambe we gathered has reached the point that the school administration could only seek solace in police intervention. The population of Nkambe was taken aback when news spread the town that some eight students were picked up by police and were detained at the Nkambe Police Station for not paying school fees. Yet well placed sources refuted the allegations and hinted that the so-called "ghost students"  were those whose names do not feature in the school register. According to what we gathered the number of clandestine students at GBHS Nkambe are out-numbered. According to what we gathered majority of the students who were smart jumped over the fence and escaped while only eight unfortunate ones were arrested and immediately taken out of campus to the police. 
Reasons for the falling standard of education at GBHS Nkambe have attracted much public discussions recently to the point that diverse opinions have been voiced out. Yet, a school of thought holds that education is a Human right that should be accorded to all humans as a threshold for moral, mental and moral development of human personality. While another school of thought holds that the fact that the school administration could handle disciplinary issues by summoning parents and or guardian to present the sky rocket problem is indicative of administrative lapses and failure. The bad news follows other indications that teaching and learning standards at GBHS Nkambe are slipping when measured against others. Other commentators suggested that the high rate of indiscipline and the drop standing is a severe blow to Government and bad news for the future of youths of Donga Mantung Division as well as many others who have passed through the school. "How can Donga Mantung hope to compete economically if our young people are not as well-educated as those in other places?, an authoritative voice questioned.
The question many have been asking on the growing indiscipline at GBHS Nkambe is whether a parent be averse to a teacher disciplining his child? Should a teacher beat or flog and or dismiss the child from school for not paying school fee? Should a parent leave the discipline of his/her child entirely to the teacher? These are the questions at the fore now that stakeholders have noticed that indiscipline is becoming epidemic at GBHS Nkambe. Some parents, on the one hand, are calling to question the disciplinary power of the school administration, teachers, while the teachers on the other, are accusing parents of leaving their responsibilities of training the children entirely to them. The result of the cacophony at GBHS is the high level of indiscipline among students which is actually becoming a cause for concern.The reputation of the one-time citadel of education in Donga Mantung Division is being dragged into the mud. Of late, some students connived with their peers from town steal computers eventhough they were arrested. Sources say millions of FCFA have been spent to construct and repair the school gate, but the impact is out-measured as students continue to jump over it.
However, when this reporter contacted the Principal of GBHS Nkambe to find out why the students were arrested by police and not dismissed, she banged the phone without responding to our worries. Notwithstanding the fact that the students were later released from police cell, public opinion is aghast at the administrative measures. Yet it is alleged that some of the students arrested were registered but had not paid their fees while others who are not known by the school administration have become a threat even to teachers. "They are fun of disturbing in class....etc, one student told this reporter.  In fact, too many versions have been voiced out on this incident. Allegations are rife at that before the clandestine students were arrested, it aired that some students earlier expressed their disgust by pasting their views on the school board, complaining bitterly for some changes.

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