Sunday, March 24, 2013


The Senior Divisional Officer for Donga-Mantung, Bermard Ndode Ngone Mesape has categorically disassociated himself from a scabrous scandal he considered a schemed ploy to damage his reputation.
    The SDO as rumours were rife shortly after the 2013women’s day celebration that on the said day, the SDO was spotted in an open love spry with one Fon’s wives (name withheld). The rumour held that the Divisional Boss had sneaked himself out of the gala-hall, and was later found at a tight corner with a Fon’s wife.
 A security official who was tantalized by this rumour hinted this Reporter he sat on the same table with the SDO, and was so keen but could not remember when the Prefect even went out. The officer baffled at it all, vowed to trail such a slander which he considered a gross defamation.
Talking with the SDO in his office, he was incandescent with rage about such a slander to tarnish his personality. He described it as a fluster to soil his hard-earned reputation and to chill him against his well designed road-map for the Division. Nevertheless, he said with his clear conscience, he would not allow it disturb his activities the least. The SDO observed that the rumour was surely sponsored by some egoistic individual for their own whims and caprices. He expressed surprise that just for few days in the Sub-division, he had already had such detractors.he revealed that a keen investigation had been opened to trace the source and bring the faces behind the rumour to book not for himself but to teach rumour-authors a bitter lesson to desist from such society-damaging activities. The same rumour mongers in Nkambe according to what we gathered have aired that the SDO was nick-named as SDO 11 because he gives out 10.000 FCFA to every girl that he invites and an additional 1.000 FCFA to pay the achaba. Yet all these rumours we gathered are unfounded.
  The SDO expressed total disappointment with some Pressmen who on “I hear-say” chose to facilitate the spread of the scandal. He said, he had often been so opened to the Press but wondered why they could not bring the story to him for his own story. He blamed them for allowing themselves so cheap to be used by overzealous and egoistic individuals. He criticized such Pressmen for taunting professional ethics. He said he had no skeletons in the cupboard and so was not afraid of the Press but that he loved them for their vital role in society building. He promised never to leave himself to such distraction. It should be noted that the SDO has a history of good relationship with the Press.
  Most personalities have been disturbed about such a rumour especially those who spent that day with their boss and saw him off to bed. It should be remembered that the duty-conscious Bernard Ngone Ndode Mesape recently received a prestigious Press award from the WatchDOG Newspaper as the best SDO for 2012.

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